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About Tyler

Hello everyone, My name is Tyler J.Logan who is the founder of self-help enrichment! This blog was started in October of 2009! My reason for starting this blog because I have developed a great interest in self-help and personal development information!  Through out the years, I have always had a love and passion for writing for years! Around when I was 15 years old, that's when I discovered my love for writing, but it wasn't writing self-help or personal development at the time, but started writing poetry out of the blue!   Around the year of 2008, I begin to write books, and found my self-published the both of them. I have always enjoyed the self-publishing route because of having controling over your own work, and not letting another person to control your work!

Picture of me running in Black and white Uniform in the 1st lane:                                                        

Among me having a love for writing, I have always enjoyed track and field, which I like to do short distance sprints the 100 and 200 meter, the 200 meter dash is like my baby! I never enjoyed the 400 meter dash because it was a killer, which it would be like a big murder she wrote thing after finishing each race !  I enjoy going to track meets and watching not only the sprints, but relays, and mile race ! After finshing college, I did run unattached for a year! After that, I have not ran any track meets at all, but I still run and practice!

My promise:

My promise to my readers is to give  informative,helpful and enjoyable self-help information based on self-help, self-improvement, personal growth, and one can truly relate to life's situations expressed on this blog! This blog gives truth and honest self-help information,not the same old self-help junk!My concentration and objective for every blog post is to give every reader and visitor fresh and quality content once or maybe two times each week! There is enclosed article on why I blog once or maybe two times a week. Feel free and welcome to look under the catagories and read that blog!

Welcome to self-help enrichment

 I hope every visitor will feel blessed after reading information on this blog!If any visitors enjoyed the content, I would like to invite visitors to subscribe on this blog in order to recieve weekly updates! Welcome again, make yourself feel at home! I thank you so much for taking the time to visit self help enrichment!

Tyler J.Logan


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