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Monday, October 14, 2013

Why you need to beware of a person constantly smiling in your face

I truly apologize  about not gettting a chance to write a blog  last week due to working my mourning job for so many hours for like 11 to 10 hours just about every day, which it's very ridicious in my eyes. I can say that it's a job lol. As most of the viewers have heard me say time after time again, I enjoy my night job better than my mourning  job.

As most of you say, " Hey Tyler, Why  don't you get quit that  mourning job right now!?"  I repond back to the viewers who read this blog and say, " I would quit immediately if I wasn't for my bills lol!" I do have a plan to quit and leave my mourning job in the future. I want to immediately get off that subject and jump on my topic that I want to address on here.

Some people might view this the wrong way or might get extremely offended.  I might get crucfied for what will be addressed and mentioned on here. I will tell you right now, I stand ready to go for my cruxificition! Yes, I will not be bothered with any person getting mad or offended if you don't carefully read and take this the wrong way. In addition, I will say this to any person if  you  can't stand the heat of this topic; please get the hell out the kitchen!!!!!!!!  I am not trying to be rude, but this is me being myself to the readers and not being fake!

I want  the viewers in this audience  to realize that I have nothing against smiling or any nature like that, but I want you to be aware when an individual is constantly smiling in your face! Why is this? a smile is rarely real but a lot of times is fake.I view most smiling folks wearing  make-up, which is  fake-up. Thier make up is fake-up.

For example, when one  puts on make-up on their face  to cover up any thing to make their face look good before going to work or to an event. When it's all set and done, one  has wash all that make up off and back to their regular expression.

So what is leading to? Most smiling folks will  act one way in your face, and then be a backstabber or  their  trueselves will  come out soon of a later! I am telling you that a smile isn't always what you think it is! A smile doesn't always mean that person is excited. A smile doesn't always mean that person is happy all the time!  To add to that, a smile isn't always cute!!!!!!!  A person who has one the most cutest smiles, and their hearts are not right! A person  can sometimes have pretty smile, and can be crooked and extremely deceptive. A person who has the prettiest smile can be the biggest backstabber.   

So readers, it's important to watch out for folks who are constantly smiling in your face, because it's not what you think. A smile can be tricky and not always cute, don't let folks fool and deceive you that a smile is always real.

Here are some reasons  why you need to beware of a person  when they are constantly smiling

(1).  A individual who constantly smiles in your face,  their smile can mean that  he or she wants something from you. They will be so nice and conieving  about it at first so that they can get what they want out of you! They are so fake about  their smile.Watch out for this one. 

(2). An individual who smiles  your face in front of guests  excited to see you, their smile doesn't always mean they are excited to see you. That person is constantly smiling towards because  they 're putting  up a show around room full of guests.  They  are smiling in front of folks, but their vibes always say I can't stand you or I hate you. Or sometimes, that person' will smile, but hide it extremely nicely, and soon of later it's going to come out.
    I tell you watch a person's vibes, their vibration will tell you a lot, not the smile. Don't never pay attention to a person's smile, watch the vibrations.

(3). This one, folks are going to  extremely get offended by this one, but I don't care! Watch a person who smiles all the time and then getting down your throat all the time that you need to smile. I can't stand it with a passion.folks who constantly telling you to smile because it's not good in their liking that you don't never smile while coming into their presence, and they get so fucking offend because you don't smile for them or if you don't smile quote on quote.

 Let me say something, and I might lose a lot of  respect for saying this!    Just because a person doesn't smile in your liking when  just because you don't like it  in your eyes, it doesn't always  mean they are mad at the world! Get that  your head  you fake smiling folks who get down folks throat who tell them to smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  A person who constantly smile all the time and getting down your throat all the time to smile,
 they are really fake themselves! If they were real, they would humble themselves and ask  with a mature approach! Are you okay!? Are you angry or something and is you okay? You need someone to talk to if you, I am here to talk to! If that person was compassionate, they would be interested what is going on with that person and feel the vibes that person is angry

I am going to stop because I feel a huge rant coming on!I know I have offended some folks. I will continue this in the next blog.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog! I really thank you for the time for viewing  self help enrichment!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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