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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Never let a job you hate ruin your life Part II

 It's very seldom in this day and time that a lot of people hate their jobs!   Some of them have felt that they haven't had any time for their families or have  had any time to enjoy life period!  You probably ask  the question, " What do I mean by this"?!

In other words,   most of  us can't have any time for ourselves nor our family in order to enjoy life to the fulliest to which a lot of jobs aren't reasonable at all! This leads to working very long hours for no apparent  reason, and sometimes  the supervisior or manager will announce there is no work over the weekened and will change it at the very last minute! When  mangement make the last minute announcement,  it causes  lot of frustration and losing our cool at times! 

This leads to  most of us being angry towards mangement and  making  a stand for our selves and  probably say, " Forget these folks! I had something planned over the weekened! I am putting to spend time with my children, family, or my friend first before this job! This isn't right for what they are doing! I don't like this at all! How could they do such a thing!?  Do they understand I have something important to do for this weekened and it means a lot to me?  Do this folks understand that I am  worn out and need some rest!?Do they understand this- my goodness!? They don't want me to have a life!" Some of you can relate to this as I can!

  As a result, it causes us to hate our job because of working long restless hours without getting  a whole days' worth of rest! You know what I mean,  some companies will  refer that we are not working this weekened and then change it around, or sometimes you can be on your day off and they will blow up your telephone to come in on your  day off just when one hasn't had any days of whatesoever lol!  Then some of them will leave like 10 or maybe twenty  times  during  the day!

It's funny that most of us have probably say to ourselves," I am not answering the phone, these folks are extremely crazy! I need a rest and I am not picking up the phone for them at all! After going in so much for them, they should give me a raise about now! I won't do it this time and not worth it!" 

Due to working so much, most of us have probably felt that we  don't have no life  at all! We can't be free to be ourselves!  Most of us feel angry and frustrated because of working countless hours, and we sacrifice ourselves  to work that long because of our bills have to be paid!

In contrast from that, do you think   I am   presenting this topic as being ungrateful; no I am not at all! I'm presenting these things so that you have to make a stand and not allow working too many hours to cause you to hate and ruin your life!   

  Whenever your job have your working long hours and haven't any time to yourself nor a day off, you should take a stand and make a day off because you need it! You probably saying, " is that taking a huge risk of getting fired!?"

It might be a huge risk, but you should always know when your body need rest very badly! Your health is very important, and understanding that it could end you up in the hospital if you don't have rest the body for the whole day! The body needs to rest the whole day, which I repeat again!

If you need rest badly, you should call in or do something of that necessity to make a stand! If the job doesn't understand, then it would be time to look for another one, or make and create another source of income! 

 To add to that statement ,when a job doesn't understand you need rest badly, it shows you that they don't care about you as their employee!

Thank you so much by stopping  by self-help enrichment

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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