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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where have I been lately: What took you so long to come back

It's has been almost a year since I been on my blog!  I apologize during my absence, which might be alright to everyone who have continued to read to my blog!

The reason why it took me so long to come back on here is because of being held down with two jobs, and that going here and there!   When I got too consumed with working two jobs and things going on life, I lost vision and focus on writing concerning the needs of all the readers and my subscribers!

Due to mainly working so much at my mourning job long dreaded hours like 9- 12 hours to which most of the time 5-7 days a week, I was so tired from my mourning job to which it's like a tick  sucking the life out of a dog! After feeling drained and so tired then sometimes don't have to go to my mourning job, I will admit that I didn't feel like cooking dinner!  I just took a shower and went to straight to bed because of feeling so drained feeling like sugar free gum! Also, it made me feel that I didn't have no life at all! I will tell you that working two jobs is very draining, but it does pays the bills and etc lol!

However,  I do have a plan to be out of my mourning job and keep my night job so that I have lot of  time to write on here in order to focus on what do my subscribers and readers need! I feel like working two jobs isn't worth it, and my mourning job to which I don't enjoy at all! My night job on the other hand, I like and enjoy it there a whole lot better than my mourning job!

In addition, my times at my mourning job gets switched all the time like I have to get up at 3, 4, or 5 o' clock in the mourning, but every blue moon it can be 2 or 6 o' clock in the mourning!  The hours switch up so much until  I  sometimes don't know what the hours are going to be for the whole week!  Too, I don't know if I have to work on weekeneds or not because there always last minute announcement there, and it sucks!

  I will tell you that I miss writing on here a whole lot, and not my mourning job! When I write, I feel like I writing to help or let people relate to what I am saying! From now on, I will be on here writing blogs! I will present new opportunties, which it will be presented and disclosed on the top of my blog!

Thanks everyone for reading, I will be writing  on here hopefully twice a week!! Stay tuned

Until the next post- have a great evening

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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