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Monday, September 30, 2013

Never let a job you hate ruin your life

It's good to be back to writing again on the computer due to my long term absence. I am very grateful myself to be back. Folks!  yall just don't know.  I would  rather be writing and getting e-mails and questions rather be  working at mourning job. 

However, I know that I have to work at my mourning job for the time being because it helps pays the bills, which I am very grateful.  As a matter of fact, I am in the process of getting out of that job because  it's something I don't like nor enjoy at all . Off that for now and into the subject matter.

It's been so many folks in this world who  continue to be at a job that they don't enjoy at  all.  They work countless hours at the job and  sometimes their pay is mostly zero to none.  What I mean by zero to none is that employees aren't getting paid nothing, plus the overtime hours  they have recieved.  Due to all the taxes taken out of their checks, most of them feel like they worked those hours for nothing  in order to pay bills  or provide for their families.  The end results can  cause a lot of stress, anger and frustration. 

Overall, it's a job they don't enjoy!  It's something they hate  doing  that feels like the pits of hell!   This means  lower - level employees are rushing quickly to meet the daily  requirements by supervisors or managers on that  date.   In order words,  the supervisors and managers want it done now, if it's not done on time or  in a period of time;  they want to raise hell and  drive those employees up the wall  that the work isn't finished.  No matter how hard those employees  have worked to meet their deadlines,  it becomes extremely stressful! When the workload is getting to way much due to meeting the deadline, employees are working as fast as they can, they can  be angry and take out their anger on each other.  I want to stop and say, " Can anyone of yall relate to this matter?!" 

 To add on to this,  coworkers at a job that we don't like can really add on to the stress there. In other words, we don't get along with them, or they  can sometimes on purpose try to do trifling things in order to start trouble.  The same coworkers don't  want to have a friendly atomsphere  but only want to cause mess  and drama.  In order words, they don't want to work as a team.

 It seems like every time most of us walk into the workplace we don't like- we feel like- " I don't want to deal with these  coworkers of mine today!"  I mean some coworkers  can extremely  get on our nervous, and drive us  off the wall lol!  If  the readers know what I mean.

 My point is that  it's important  not to be at a job that you don't enjoy because it's not worth it at all. 
 If you are at a job that you don't enjoy , it's important to go get another another job where the people are friendly and enjoyable, not at a job where folks don't want and always love to be messy all the time.  No body don't have time for that mess!

If you're  working at a  job you don't like and fed up with it there, it's time to get in the process of doing something on the side what you love to do  so that  you can make enough income off that  in order to get out of the job you hate , or find another job that you like and the coworkers are friendly there. It's time for you to enjoy and have a life and not let that job you hate consume you.   I learned this- do a job what you love not one you hate.

As I am writing this, most folks  are well know for throwing this guilt trip on others who hate or don't like their job want to put that guilt trip so that they can feel bad so they can stay longer and be more miserable there," Well you should want change   in that place that you hate !"

You need to tell that individual in their face," What is the purpose being  somewhere  where you hate!? Why be at a place where you are being so friendly and they don't want it, you are wrong and not using your head?! I am in the process of leaving this place so that I can do what I love. Besides, It's not your place to tell me to imply change at this company, these folks going to do what they want to want to do! I'm working in here for the moment so that I can focus on getting out of  this company!"

It's a fact people! If we always  allow someone to put guilt trips about us being the change, and knowing ourselves that job causes a lot of stress  and no enjoyment , it's going to cause more misery and guilt to which it ruins your life. This leads to nothing constant complaining to others which outside folks will get to point of being  tired of hearing you constantly complaining all the time  how much you hate  it- they going to say " Go get another job then!  Go and do something on the side that you like and  build enough income from it so that you can be able to get out of there."

    I tell everyone  to  not allow  these  let folks decieve you like that because it's time to make a stand and not feel guilty. You have a life, and don't let a job that you hate -ruin your life! I am not saying  don't be grateful for it  and we should be because it helps pays the bills for  a short period until we can either replace it with a job we like, or with home based business that we  love doing!.

A word of advice,  if  you hate a job so much and want to quit it so bad.  It's always  important to make sure you put yourself in position where you have another job in line so that you can leave!  This means  that you have made sure  that you  have been hired by that job so that you can quit the your previous job!

Also, home based business folks if you want to quit your job so badly! It's important to always make sure you have earned  more enough income from your business so that you can leave. Or if the job  has gotten too bad and  extremely stressful, it would be time to apply for another job to replace your previous one for the time being.

I thank every reader and subscribing for stopping by self-help enrichment

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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