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Monday, December 10, 2012

How to handle fake friends who use you for favors and money

Hello everyone, It has been  a very long time since  I have  been on  here!  I am glad to be back writing again, which I felt I needed the time away from writing so that I can be extremly long and refreshed since my time off from writing!  some people probably think that I was probably done with writing on this blog for good, but I am back and refreshed now!

First I want to get into a hot topic, and it's something that a lot of people has encountered somewhere down the road in their  lives! This is fake friends! I can rant on this subject, but I am going to try not  really  extremly long  about fake friends, which I can fuss all day on this! I am going to try my best to help give you a solution rather than rant way too much because this is a topic I am very  passionate  about! 

There are  lots that a lot of people have been a good friend to folks! , but just gotten back folks who are never there, never honest, and always using one for favors and money!   You probably  have spoken  these things  out of frustration, " They  just don't get it!! This individual is so- damn blind to see what good friend that they have! I am sick and tired of being a good friend to these foks! The  only thing I get back is fake friends who are users and takers!

For those who feel this way, you are not alone, I endured this and can feel your pain on dealing with these fake friends who are users!

The reason why I say this because a lot of people say that they have friends or around  a group of people who they call their friends, but still they still are continued to be used by them for no apparent reason!  In other words, you don't hear from these type of folks until they need some favors, or especially for money!

As a matter of fact,  they will always  blow up your telephone when they need a favor or wanting some money! After  they blow up your telephone, they always  expect you always to pick up and answer the telephone  so that they can use you for their own selflish gain!

When these so- called fake friends get what they want; they sometimes will  say- (thank you)- or they don't at all!  But whenever it comes to time of your need or want, they're never there!

 In other words, they never make an effort to call and see on you! They never make any type of effort to spend time with you, or to see if everything okay! Even though you check on them and answer calls to check up on them, they don't care about doing the same thing in return!  To put this in simple terms, they are takers and users to which they don't care about you!

 Or sometimes, they give their word that they are going to meet  and  spend time with you, and then when you call in order to spend time with them, they never answer their telephone! They always leave you high and dry! No matter how many times you have called  or left them a message or sent a text message, they still will leave you high and dry! Then too, they never leave a message saying if something happened or not! To put in simple terms, they make no type of effort to get return your calls to let you know if something happened, or if something came up!

Most of you get the point about fake friends who use you! Now, I want to give you a very 2 simple solutions for fake friends who want to use  for favors and money!

Solution 1).  Get your  mindset focused that  there is a good friend out there for me  

    I know that you are going to say-Tyler-" this isn't a solution to handle this situation  at all! I feel you my audience!"

 I will say this, " if you don't have your mind right based on your beliefs that a good friend is out there for you!" This will cause deep anger and frustrastion!

 Trust me,  I dealt with this these feelings of  frustration time after time! I used to say myself- I have no true  friends! I  had  a very negative view about friendships and people!

 But now,  I started changed my atittude and  started visualize that I deserve to have a good friend, and what it would be like, I feel so much better inwardly and more happier! I will be real  and honest with you, even though the result haven't showed  up yet , but I know it will show up!  It going to be up to the universe (God) on the way, it is going to be sent to me!

I say this-  try focusing your mind of what you want your friend to be like, and make it clear what you desire! Visualize and focus on it daily, and then  you will tell how much better you feel inwardly! The results will come if you continue to  focus your mind on  vision of what you desire!  Always remember that what you focused on is what you get!

 In contrast,  I will say that this is the hardest one to change our mindset on because I am still working on this a lot due to what I have endured! It's very easy to say," I have no friends because of what's going on!" When we focus our mind on that there will be fake  friends to give that uphappy feelings!

When you get  really your mind right and  you're  extremely feeling it going in the right direction,soon of a later, the universe will have to move those people out of your life, or sometimes the universe(God) will be enlightnened  and convict them and reveal what they have been doing to which it will lead to true change! 

I will encourage you to change the way you think!

Solution 2). Work for it

  While in the  beginning process of getting your mind in the right direction about your beliefs concerning friendships, there are going to some fake friends that might still come asking you for money!  The two things that they are going to ask, " I am asking for a huge favor, can I borrow some money!? I promise you that I will pay you back!"

In this case , it would not be necessary to  not fall into the trap if they have asked you more than twice and they didn't give their word to pay you back!  90% of the time, they will not keep their word to pay you back, or will make excuses not to pay you back!  This leads to  a lot of frustration and anger!

In my opinion, it's not necesary to tell that fake friends, " Well, you can pay me back!"  I say that it's not necessary to go down that road with them because it leads to frusration and bitterness! It's going to cause you say to yourself  again , "Where is my money! I not going  down that road with them again!"

I will this statement- save yourself some time from being frustrated and bitter due to not being paid back!"

If you want to handle a situation where a fake friend  continue to ask you for money-  Make them work for the money!

If that fake friend  say, " Well, I need a huge favor from you!  Can you let me borrow 100 up until friday!"

Tell that fake friend this, "  You don't have to ask me to borrow some money dude! Come to my place dude, I got 6 hours worth of work for you to do for me, and when you complete the work, I will give you the 100 dollars that you need!"

First  after you tell them- Let them know that you are very serious about the making them work for it! Reason said, some people don't take some individual seriously at all! They believe that you are a joke sometimes! After they know you are serious, I promise you that fake friend  or joker will never come back to you again if you tell him or her to work for it!  This   indicates that person didn't have an emergency  for the money at all! They just come as a fake friend wanting to use you!

The reason why I like this is because it's something I was raised on by my parents, and my grandmother!I remember back in my teen days,  my grandmother and parents  made me work  before I  recieved any money from them!

 In this day and time, folks don't want to work! They always want someone to give them a handout to which they want use and abuse all the time!


I really hope that this helps and it works for you! Until next time- Have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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