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Monday, September 10, 2012

What to do whenever a person is lying on you to other people

Hello everyone! I am finally back! It has been a whole month since I have been on here! I really miss it on here, but had to take a long break from writing though!  I am glad to come back with more things that will most likely help you out, or things that you can relate to in life!

Today,  I want to talk about a subject that every person has probably encountered  in their lives! This subject is  a person constantly lying on an individual for no reason whatsoever!  In other words, that person always goes around telling things about  an individual that is not even true at all!

What is so very  funny about this situation-- the person  will always go tell other people false stuff about the individual, and haven't even been around the person enough to know what's going on! Or even too , the  person will make up stuff  in order to start mess on purpose in order to bring strife, malice, and discord!  After the  person goes around and  tell lies on that  individual to other people , which  it leads to a matter of  rumors!

 After  the rumors have been spreaded, it  always some how comes back to the person!  The person will always hear some individual  tell him or such statements  as, "  Well, I heard this about you!?  I heard that you were this and that!  I heard what you had done, and you're lowdown and no good!" After hearing these things from one or more folks, the person is mad and upset!
In contrast, we can get very mad when we hear some thing about us, which is not even true at all! Most of us really hate when one or more person is lying on us!  It causes for us to want to rip  another individual's head off, or go immediately and tell someone else what was spoken about us!   In acutally, we really want to get our hands on the person who really spoke the lies about us!  Then too, It causes us  to  be tired of listening to all the Bull shit (BS) from other folks! 

Contrary from that,  everyone is probably looking for the way to handle this type of situation! I will give you one weapon that can probably help you in such a situation! It's okay to be angry because most of us will become angry, but quickly focus off those lies and get yourself on to focus on the good things about yourself, and your goals! Let's begin with the weapon!

1). The number one weapon against a person who is lying on you!

      This is to practice being honest and being your true self towards other people! This is the biggest weapon  against those people I have noticed! When you are praticing honesty, being true self towards  other people!  This is main weapon against people who say you are this, or you have done some thing towards someone else or a group of people!   I have noticed when you pratice honesty, being your true self, and focus doing good to other people; Folks will start noticing it fast, and they will pick up on  honesty faster than anything else! In other words,  when you  practice being honest and  truthful: you build trust and give a revelation to folks about who you are!  Soon of a later, it will possiblity  lead those folks to investigate the liars! 

One thing I noticed about folks who constantly lie on someone, they will always get revealed who they really are at the end! The tables will turn against them rather than you!

Like me, I don't worry about folks who lie on me! I realized that their lies will get exposed and it will turn against them soon of a later!Here is a catch to why I say this! Folks who really lie on you, they are really setting up people to turn against you  in order to slander and destructivity criticize you! In reality, these folks  are really setting themselves up for people turn against them at them!

 You probably ask - WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT DUDE!?!  This leads to the law of sowing and reaping, which a lot of people don't grasp  at all! 

 This leads to my point- what you give into the lives of others is what you will get back ! To simplify this term, They give into the lives of other people the lies about me that aren't true so that they turn against against me! Due to their giving to lies so that they can turn against me, they are going to get back people who will slander them and lie on them! Or sometimes, their lies will become as revelation to people that it wasn't the truth in the first place, and those people will expose thier lies, and then will turn against them! This always happen folks!

This is the main reason  why I don't worry about folks lying on me when I know it's something not true about me, or it's something  I know I didn't do! You shouldn't neither worry about those who lie on you!

I hope that you enjoyed this! Until the next article! Have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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