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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My decisions on disclosing the coming predictions

This post will not be very long and resourcful as a lot others on here in order to help you as an individual- I want to talk to personally  now for those who have been a subscriber or  been reading my  blog  for some time!

As the months go by, I have been standing making decisions on disclosing  some coming predicitions, which I will not disclose how many or what they are! It's going to very tough if I do decide to disclose what they are because it's going to extremely painful to those who can't see what is going on  at all! I repeat if I do decide to disclose one or more, it's going to be extremely painful, but it might help you if you look at the bigger picture and start doing your homework and stop listening to folks who can't tell the steps of what's going to happen!

Like me, you better take to people who are trying to warn you or tell you something that's uphead, and they have done the homework to indicate that it's coming! They are not doing this just becuase they are false prophets, they are doing this because they love you  in order to protect you from danger that's coming!

As a blogger, it's my job to enrich you with the information in order to help you in your daily lives, and to give you predicitions to make you aware and to do the homework to indicate that something is on the way!

Until the next  blog post  have a great evening
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