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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My short word to some of the American people who continue to be sleep and don't want to hear

Hello everyone I am back from a week! As I have promised my last series of what I am going to do of how people will use you for money and how to deal with it, which will be short! However for this week, I am here to do a different because this will be painful to some people because they don't like to hear what is fence to be presented!

As you know, the updated revised and advanced edition of my book- Why it's so hard to forgive those who hurt us is still in process right now! I ask for those to be patient if you are waiting! I am very exicted because it will be way more powerful and able to speak you mentality and emotionally for those who can relate!

As the time advances on, I am going to do update on what I predict  is coming, and  majority of the predicitions might be warnings! I am not doing these predicitions, but to love you enough to warn you and take it upon yourself to do an investigation!

 Just like  J.P. Morgan, I know that a lot of folks aren't listening about  this warning concerning J.P. Morgan! The reason why a lot of people won't listen because the majority of them have the mentality that if it's not affecting me or if it around me, then I don't give a damn! This is how some stubborn and folks who are sleepers are!

 Let me tell you something and I will say this, you can sleep and not listen that J.P. Morgan is fence to crash!!!! I will tell you it will affect the ecomony way more deeper than the stock market and Lehman brothers in 2008, mark my words!

  On my own timing, I have another predicition and much bigger warning which I might disclose on my own timing to release it live on this blog, but I haven't made my mind up just yet! I know that it's going to a painful predicition for a lot of folks when most people  find out what this is, if you are in it, it's going to affect you!!! Some of you are going to be extremly mad, if I do decide to disclose it! I don't care if you are mad, but I do care that you are warned and won't be caught by surprise when it happens!  

I disclosed it on my personal  facebook page(not self-help enrichment page), but no one didn't ask no questions of concerns or nothing! I warned some people outside, but no type of concerns or question to why how can I predicit this, which is fine by me! I say, " Continue to be sleep!"

As for America,  the majority of us don't listen at all when other individuals warn us something is coming! Now,  it's understandable that a person who didn't know or wasn't warned, that's not their fault, but I still do think they should have the courage enough to make an effort to see what going on, but a lot of them don't do that at all! 

This is why because most americans are a stiffnecked and stubborn people! As as a country, most americans  hate so much when someone loves us enough to warn them that something is going to happen, or don't go around that person, and don't like to hear it, but we always getting  into every body personal bussiness whom we're not trying to develop a relationship at all, and gossip about that person's personal bussiness all the time, and we love that! 

When it comes to being warned, most of us hate it when someone is warning us with a passion! Rather than ask questions or anything like that, a lot people give destructive criticism and crucify folks who give the warning, or some who hear won't make the effort to take the warning seriously!

Now, I agree that one should be positive, but one should never be sleep what is going on, and what is fence to creep up on you and affect you! I applaud those people who are not sleep, and making steps and changes!!!!!!!

In contrast,People who warn you  they love you and don't want it be surprised, hurt, or affected when it happens!  These folks aren't warning you just for nothing!!!!!! People who are sleep and don't want to hear, you need to get a revelation of that!

I hope that you enjoy this short blog

Until the next blog have a great evening

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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