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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Few Warning signs I see that J.P. Morgan& Chase is collapsing

Hello everyone, I am back due to being busy! I have decided to postpone  the last part  of  my series that I did from weeks ago!  I want to give a prediction  that I believe that every person need to pay attention to this post  or either take heed to my warning!  Besides, I don't make this prediction very lightly what is the great possiblities  of what is to happen!

Before getting to this prediction, I want to say that prediction spoken by me  are warning signs and by any means, I am not trying to give misleading information! Please take note that  I don't know the time line when this will happen, or the exact way it will happen, but the signs are showing that a huge collapse is possbility  coming to J.P. Morgan &Chase, which I believe these signs will be more stronger seen by other folks in the future who are only paying attention, if not now! I ask you to take heed to the warning signs  that J.P. Morgan can collapse, and these are strong  signs similar  to the cycle to the collapse of Lehman Brothers!

Before getting into this prediction, I want to first present to those  who don't know or are not aware who was  Lehman Brothers - They were an investment firm, which was the 4th largest in the United States, and they were a part of the banking cartel Family with the Federal Reserve Bank!

However, Lehman brothers were exposed for fraud by local news and shareholders of the company , which that type of fraud was the Repo 105! This type of fraud was an accounting monoeuvre  where a short- term loan is classified for sale, and through this type of technique, this allows a company to appear  to pay down or reduce it's debt,and reduce the leverage of their liabilities, which was very short period of time to reflect their balance sheet so that noone couldn't catch this fraudant moneuvre!

In other words, they used this secretive  technique sale in order to boost their earnings and financial balance sheet look good in order to hide the truth of what was going on under the firm!

Shortly after Lehman brothers had collapsed in 2008, it was the same exact  time that the stock market crashed and had an effect on  The Dow and  The S&P 500!  By any means, I think it did catch a lot of attention, but noone didn't pay attention and ask themselves--- how did one big investment firm have a big effect to cause the stock market to crash !

Similar to the cycle of what happened to Lehman Brothers, this leads to the presentation of my prediction that a collapse with J.P. Morgan is coming!  Having said before, I don't make such a predicition very lightly at all! These are the warning signs that I see for a possible collapse of J.P. Morgan is  going to take place!

1).First let me begin with the first- J.P. Morgan is in great danger now, and I want to give the first sign  to you! Do everyone remember when they had that 2 billion dollar lost trade that happened  not to long ago? If you answered yes to this trade! It had got the attention  with the media and a lot of people!

 Let me  shortly explain,  around  march 2012  CEO announced a huge  buyback program  at least 15 billion dollars!  Then two months later, which was May of 2012,  they had confessed to a 2 billion dollar loss due the trade, they had suspended their15 billion buy back purchasing plan which I believe  most shareholders of the company took a huge blow!

 Now this doesn't make sense,  why would a company have a buy back program over 15 billion dollar, and then just after the 2 billion dollar trade  lost, they immediately  suspend their buy back program of 15 billion dollar !?  In my opinion , this is a sign that  J.P Morgan& Chase  is really hiding more of what  they have lost, but refusing to confess or speak up to their shareholders and the public!  In actually, this a major  red flag that something fishy is going with this big bank!

2)   For those who don't understand dividend or dividend yields, this means that a company will pay every quarter( 3 or 4 months)   to their shareholders who are on their record. If you look at the date between 2009 to 2012, J.P. Morgan has really been  cutting their dividend from 38 to 30, which their dividend yield went down from 5.72% to 3.54%.  When a company is cutting their dividend  like this, this is a sign that they are losing money somewhere, and their profits are not as strong for those quarters!

3)   As we all know that every company might get handed a lawsuit every now and then, but it can still be a good company! When a company has way to many lawsuits, there is something wrong with this picture! The reason why I say this, it doesn't have a good reputation!   As for me doing research on this bank , J.P. Morgan has had so many lawsuits as a bank!  If you don't believe me, you can go on google and type in J.P. Morgan &Chase lawsuits!

4) For some of you might not know, J.P morgan as of today  is being more exposed of their manipulation in the silver market! It's really becoming more known to  people who invest in physical silver that J.P. Morgan has been controling that area  so that they can continue their ponzi game!

What I mean by the ponzi game,  they want people to believe that U.S. dollar is real money, which to blind people to realize that the U.S. Dollar is nothing but a conterfeit and not real money, and a worthless piece of trash!  This leads to  J. P. Morgan and Federal Reserve want people to have U.S. dollar which is Fake Money in order to pay a  lot of taxes due to inflation so that the tax money can go into their pockets, not yours nor the goverment!

Now  J.P. Morgan is getting  more and  more  exposed for their manipulation in silver market , it will cause more people to realize that the U.S. dollar is nothing but a worthless piece of trash! From what I am prediciting,  this word will get some   people to start a deeper investigation about the U.S. Dollar and start buying commodities, or  other people will not pay attention and have the mindset, it's not affecting me- why bother!?

This leads to my conclusion, if by any means J.P. Morgan collapses as I mentioned,  they are going to either try and save themselves by grabbing all their money by the assets they own in the stocks, which is over 2 trillion dollars that will  possiblilty lead to the  biggest  stock market crash in the history; or maybe   the Federal Reserve is going to step in and try to help or bail them out! If this possible collapse happens, this will lead to J.P. Morgan losing control of the silver market, which will cause the price of silver to skyrocket!

 However, The time will tell to see if  these warning signs will lead to a possible collapse! Having said earlier and will say again, I am not saying how it's going to happen and when it's going to happen! Some of you don't have to believe me concerning this predicition, but the warning signs are there, if we just pay attention of what's going on! I don't expect every person to believe this predicition, some might say I am wrong for doing this, or think I am crazy, or might crucify me !

I hope that you paid attention to this!  Thank you for your time for listening to my predicition ! Until the next article, all of you have a great evening!

  Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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