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Saturday, June 9, 2012

What are the Biggest Negative Influences in our Lives

Hello everyone, this is Tyler from self-help enrichment! As most of you know, I have took down from the bottom of my page my 2nd book  why it's so hard to forgive those who hurt us from my page due to my revision of it! It should be ready before the end of this year is out!  

However, I will be back with part II of my series! Today, I have recieved a guest post by Hoa Chong who is the SEO of Physic Source,which his contributor of Physic Source Beth Sager has written this post!  Therefore, I ask you to take the time to read this short post from the contributor and seo of Physic source! Thanks for your time!

                                 What are the Biggest Negative Influences in our Lives

In today’s world one can find negative influences everywhere. From watching the local news, to work, to friends and family, to your own personal life circumstances, there is plenty of negativity to go around.

Face it, if you’re unhappy in your life, this can be the biggest negative influence that you are dealing with. Perhaps, you don’t like your job or your boss. Maybe, your marriage is not what you’d hoped for. When you were young you wanted to be a fireman or a rock star and at forty-five you find yourself an accountant or a manager at fast-food chain. While there is nothing wrong with either, sometimes the realities of life do not live up to the dreams. If you find yourself complaining just how unhappy you are, then you may be the biggest negative influence in your life.

Sometimes it is the environment that a person lives in or works in that causes the negativity. If your work environment is unpleasant at best and hostile at worst, this can cause a great deal of negativity in your life. If you’re spending a good part of each day in this environment interacting with a constant barrage of negative people, it can cause you to adopt some of their attitudes.

Your home life may be a negative influence as well. After the long work day, a person goes home to relax and escape the stress and pressures of the world. If you happen to live with a negative partner or family members, there may be no escape. This can be one of the worst negative influences in your life. People tend to mimic the people they spend the most time with. If your partner or family is negative, you can be sucked into their negative vortex.

While one does not typically spend as much time with their friends as they do family, if you find your friends are constantly complaining about their lives, this can affect your life negatively as well.

Negativity doesn’t live in a vacuum. It’s like the old story of the man who get yelled at by his boss at work and then goes home and yells at his wife, who then turns and yells at the child who goes outside and kicks the dog. If you’re living in or creating a negative environment it will affect the people around you.

If you find yourself in this type of environment whether it is your friends, family, or work, keep in mind that negativity can damage your health and cause stress. With this in mind, it might just be time to find the positive side of life.

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