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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to deal with a person who is constantly using you for money Part II

As of talking about part one in my series, I want to continue with this topic and issue  with  people who are constantly being used for money, and want to know how to handle these types of situation!  I will admitt that it's not easy at all, but as we begin to practice it, we will  probably have no problem with this type of matter!

In  contrast,  a lot people have been confronted  and constantly asked for money from people who don't even have a job, or they don't even want to make an effort to get a job, or they don't want to make an effort to create any type of cash flow at all. I categorize these people in two parts such as leeches and golddiggers.  As most of you might be thinking,  you might say a goldigger is a woman wants a man for his money, then uses him at lot concerning his money.  This is not the case in this secernio! In what I am talking about a golddigger, I am talking about a person who knows that an individual has a lot of money, or has a consistent cash flow each mouth to which they are never broke.

Before getting into how to handle situation, I want to speak a strong word as a wake up call  to those who have a lot of money, or have a consistant strong cash flow coming in, and probably been thinking about telling people about  how much income ,cash flow, or  how much you have in assets as -( stocks, real estate, bonds, mutual  funds, commodities, savings and etc)- or you are a billionaire or millionaire!   However,  most of you have thought about it, but I am here to tell you-don't disclose your income, assets, or cashflow to nobody that you don't fully trust! In others words, keep your mouth shut about these things unless you fully trust that person! Your income, cashflow, or assets, or how much you make at your job should be considered as privacy!

I will tell you that disclosing your income to folks is  like being as  a naked person out on the street! Some people don't see it that way, but I see it that way! When a person is naked out on the street, believe me, it will get some attention! Same thing when a person discloses their income, cashflow, or how much they have in assets, it will catch some attention, and it will provide the opportunity folks who are leeches and goldiggers to come when the time is right to constantly use you for money.

These type of people are not interested in getting a job, or making cashflow for themselves, they want to know what you much have in assets-(like stocks, real estate, commodities, bonds, mutual funds, savings account,and etc), or how much you make at the job, or how much cash flow that you got coming in so that they can gossip to people about it, and then too  constantly  use you! I warn you, don't do it  because there are people who  leeches and goldiggers out there ready to drain you out! I  warn you again, they are out there!

 In contrast, if you want to teach a person how to mantain cashflow, or building assets, or getting a job, so  that you can build credibilty to prove that you are real deal and not trying to mislead them with false information. In addition to proving to people that you are real and not fake, you  can also show them what you did  in order to maintain a great cash flow, to be a millionaire or billionaire, or to build wealth by assets, or to get a job- that's fine!

It's  never supposed to be  constantly telling folks your income, or assets, or cashflow for exposure or constant showing off in order to want attention because  that's extremely dangerous! Contrary from that,  I want give advice to  those who are in the mist of constantly being used for money all the time and how to handle this type of situation! 

You might ask what if a person who doesn't have money or not interested in a job, but they use me for money all the time!  There are two kinds of ways  that I will present to you that will probably work for you! The first one I like a lot!

1).  Make them work for it

   Some people don't believe in this method because they don't want to let that person down! If you want to really stop a person  who is not interested in  job, or not interested in creating cash flow for themslveses,and constantly using you for money all the time! Make them work for the money just like if they are on a real job!

There are two things that is going to happen, they will either get mad and not take your offer to work for it in order to get the money then go bugg someelse who has money or a steady cash flow, or sometimes they will be desperate for it! Either way, most of them will complain and give up  bugging you for money all the time, and they will go bug the next person who has money, or good assets, or a steady cashflow!

In add to that statement, you will sometimes hear complaints as- you are working me too much! Sometimes, you need to say- well that's good because you're learning!

To me, I like this method because it has embedded inside of me since I was a kid by my Grandmother and my Parents ! Especially by my grandmother, she would make us work for it   before she gave us any money!  After I worked sometimes a whole day when I was kid, I was happy to see her give me the money! This method is still embedded in me though!

2)  Teach them how they can improve their financial situation 

    Sometimes with these folks, you need to teach these folks how to committ themselves to create a cash flow or to focus their mentality on getting a job!  In others, you can teach some of these people how you done it, and encourage them that they can do it if they put focus and effort into it!  After teaching these people how you created your cashflow, or teaching these people  on getting a job!  If they don't want to put no effort into learning, or taking action to improve their own financial situation, you then have the right to withdraw yourself from giving money all the time to that person !

Too,  it 's important to explain to them nicely why you choose to not give them money all the time! If they can't comprend, let it be and don't worry about it! It's because you did the right thing to help them out, but they won't see it that way!

I hope that all you have seen this as a help! Until the next time! Yall have a great and blessed evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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