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Monday, June 4, 2012

How to deal with a person who is constantly using you for money

Hello everyone! I wanted to know every person who reads this blog that I am back due to me being so busy at my 2 jobs, and I've rarely had a chance to come back in blog on here, and I miss it whole lot! I know, but it's been a whole month! I have delayed my book for until further notice, and will let everyone know when it will be released!

I want to get talk about a subject that I believe a whole lot of people have a lot of issues with!  Believe me, I can relate to this subject and want to say it's not easy at all when a person continues to ask you for money all the time! A lot of times, we hate being constantly asked for money  all the time! To be real with you, I don't like a person constantly using me for money! It's like being drained out all the time!

However , the majority of you  might be  tight on finances and all of a sudden  someone calling you asking for some money! They never call to check  nor to have conversation with you at all, but always calling when wanting to use you for money all the time!  Sometimes, we get fed up, tired of that person using us for money, and we never answer the phone! Or some folks might be smart enough to not call you and leave you a text message saying that they need some money -or- do you have any money?!We don't repond back to their text message! Majority of yall might can relate to this!

Usually when we feel that we're being used, the first thing that we tell that person, you have a certain amount of time to go get a job, or I done giving you money! A lot of times it works, but to me; it's sort of like a wake up approach to tell that person to get off your ass and get your own income flowing! In other words, our expession is saying- quit depending on me all the freaking to be your provider!

 Or sometimes, that person might have a job, but will still use you for money!  However, I want to  explain on this subject!  I want to talk about this issue, and how to help you with it!

How to hand folks who might have a job, but they constantly  use you for money

1).The first question is that you will might ask - how can you handle a person who has a job, but claims that they have constant bill collectors down their throat all the time, but constantly using you for money?

After they ask you for money due to their own situation, first you need to ask yourself - Are you struggling financially, and putting a huge strain on you?  Or do you  have a steady flow of income to which you are not struggling!?

 If you are struggling financially yourself- and if you answered " Yes"!  It's important to be nice to that person and tell the  truth that you are struggling fiancially and can't help right now! In such situations like that, you might  have to show them proof of collectors in order to have that person beleive that you have struggling right now with your debt, or just got through paying a huge bill, and have no money left over!

In addition to you struggling finacially, you can  take some of your free to get  fiancially educate yourself in order to manage or improve your own financial situation! You might ask how  can I do that?  I recommend  reading books, listening tapes, or youtube videos of people who talk about finances, and start taking some action! In order words, it's getting financially educated and being  focused and taking action that will change your financial situation!

2). How do I handle a person who constantly uses  me for money, and that person has a job and claims that he or she  has bill collectors down their throat and at the same  time? I do have a lot of money, or a steady and great  cash flow, how can I handle this person who already knows I have a lot of money, or a steady or great ?

 If you are a person who has a lot of money, but are being used by a person who constanly you for money just because they have bills! The first thing that you need to ask that person- show me paper  proof, or telephone or cell phone message to prove to me  that you have  these bill collectors bothering you or they have a big bill over their shoulders! Now, if they refuse to show the proof  or get an atittude about it, then you have the right to nicely tell that individual that I can't help you at all! It indicates they are lying to you  really are using you!  That person might be mad at you, but you can't help a person who is a golddigger all the time!

 In another situation, if you have a person who asks you for money and they have bill collectors, and they are faithfully honest with you by showing proof or having to call the bill collector so that you're not lying at all! I say-Help that person out! In other words, you can help that person pay their bill, but it's not the true help because they aren't finacially educated, and they will come back and ask you again for  while being honest about the same debt, bill, or bill collectors!

If you want to truly help that person, " yes" first help pay their bill,   but the true help begins  when you invest into that person giving that individual your own financial education, and giving them financial books to read to help improve their own financial situation! This is showing that you care about them!

You might ask," Hey Tyler -What if I run into a situation and they don't read the books nor took my financial advice? What if they haven't shown any action  nor effort to improve their financial situation? They coming to me with same ordeal again? What I must do?" 

I say that, " You must tell that person nicely!" You can say this nicely "  I cared about your fiancial situation! I gave you my advice in order to improve your situation, but you haven't shown me no effort at all! Every time I ask you have you read those books that I gave you! You say " No"! This  tells me that you don't want to improve your situation! Your true help is in those books, and the finanical advice that !  gave you, not giving you money all the time because that will not help you improve your situation at all! I can't pay the bill for you no more! You have a job, you have all the information that you need before you to improve your situation !I have gave you more than enough time to read and take action in order to improve your situation!

I hope that everyone enjoyed this article! Stayed tuned for part II, it's not over yet! It will get more interesting in order to help you!  Until the next blog, have blessed day!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan


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