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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

5 ways to boost your performance in sports

Quick note:  Hello everyone, this is Tyler! I know that I spoke that I will write a new post, but that has changed for this week due to a guest post from another blogger, then hopefully and possibly I will be back next week!  Lately, I have been getting e-mails to guest post on my  blog here in which in turn I am not going to reject at all! However, I have a guest post from a self-help blogger Farouk Radwan  who is the owner of I've had to privilage to have him before in which he has some good things to present based in my opinion! If you are in sports, this is a good one for you! I hope that you enjoy this guest post! Thanks!  

5 ways to boost your performance in sports
If you play any sport then I am sure that you find yourself energetic on some days and completely down on other days. Why do you sometimes manage to break your old records and why do you in other times find it very hard to do what you did the last time?
What many people don’t know is that there are many psychological and physical factors that affects their performance in sports and thus if those people didn’t take these factors into consideration then they won’t manage to do their best while doing their favorite sport.

In this post I will tell you what you should do in order to boost your performance.
5 ways to boost your performance
1)      Use music: Music can change our moods dramatically and charge us with positive emotions. Once you listen to a piece of music or a song that can help you recall some positive beliefs you will find yourself more motivated to exercise. Use an Ipod whenever possible to motivate yourself.
2)      Sleep well: a study has found that athletes who sleep for one more hour perform much better than those who don’t sleep that extra hour. Put in mind that the efficiency of sleep is not measured by the number of hours but its measured by the quality of those hours.
3)      Fix your bad mood: bad moods, depression, mood swings and all other bad emotions can dramatically impact your bad mood.  The more you are in the mood the better you will do in sports and thus its extremely important that you learn how to work on such bad emotions as soon as you encounter them.
4)      Don’t confuse your biological clock: most people will feel more energetic during the morning, this is because sunlight stimulates your body to produce hormones that makes you more active. Take advantage of this fact and don’t exercise at times where your body is not prepared. If you had to exercise at night then stick to a certain fixed time so that your body gets used to that specific time.
5)      Use visualization: studies have found that athletes who visualize themselves performing in a great way end up doing better than athletes who don’t use visualization provided that all other factors are constant. Before your game keep visualizing yourself doing great and you will end up doing what you have been visualizing
Final words
Improving your performance at sports requires that you pay attention to many factors other than the ones you focus on during the game itself.
It’s a combination of changing your life style, your habits and your thinking patterns

Written by M.Farouk Radwan
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