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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wake up folks to know why prices are so high

Hello  everyone,  I am so sorry for not  writing a blog for last week due to me being very busy!  I want to help  most folks why prices are so high! I going to explain this very short simple term and easy to understand , which there might be a part two on this subject!

In the United States, we complain  or always talking about prices are so high!  At the same time, we have never questioned ourselves or had a thought in our mind on what is happening right now! As for most of us, some of us might know something isn't right with the conditions of prices are going up so high, but never take the time to investigate the problem !  For the rest of us who complain about  high prices, we  continue to ingore  the fact something is going on, and don't take no considersation to investigate such  a situation  that can put you at stake or not! 

Besides, This is how a lot of people are - they ingore and reject the signs that something is going on,or when they are being warned by someone, they reject  their warning in a heart beat!  Later on, if something major or something big happens that has an effect on a nation of folks- what most of do is we wake up big time!

In contrast, I want to to take the time to give you something to think about and do your own homework on  what is going on with high prices and take it to consideration that it's something bigger than you think! You might not think it is if you don't do reasearch and don't care, but those who continue to do investigation and research on why prices are go up so high, they  will be amazed in what they discover!

The why's

The first thing I want to explain very shortly  the term inflation!  The term inflation  means that  when the prices of goods, clothes and services  has dramically increased!

 The first thing that you want to ask, who is  driving inflation  the prices of these goods up- The Federal Reserve bank-   let me  explain this step by step you to help you understand this process! 

Every individual  probably  know that by  state and federal law that every  person who works for a the company, business, or self employed person  have to pay their taxes to  the internal revenue service (IRS) that is a goverment agency  who is reponsible for tax collecting!

Step I.

 When a company or business pays  more to get  exported goods such as clothing, shoes, food, or supplies and also paying  their  highly vast  percentage of  taxes due to their earnings or sells , they are lead to no choice but to increase their prices! 

Special note: Due to a company earnings, they also pay that percentage of their earnings or sells to their employees, which employees of that company recieve a check, and will note taxes are taken out! The more  hours that an employee work an hour , the more taxes are taken out! The reason why is it goes back to company earnings!  

Step II.

After that vast percentage of  money from the company or business  then will go to the internal revenue services, which is a tax collection  and goverment agency who collects the revenue!

Step III.

After the IRS receives that revenue, the precentage of that money goes to workers who work for the goverment such as the  law enforcement ( Police), the military, postal service, and etc!  The majority of that percentage of that money goes to Federal Reserve Bank!

Step IV

The first that you ask- Why is that money going to the Federal Reserve Bank! The reason why is the goverment pay off the  the mass amount of debt from the loans that the federal reserve has loaned plus interest!

 To competely understand this effect- The Federal Reserve Bank has loaned the goverment so much money  plus interest!  Note here that , the Federal Reserve Bank  has the power to charge  how much interest  they want from what the goverment has borrowed!  This is why the main reason that the  goverment is  in so much debt- (  which might  be14 trillion dollars -if that's correct- might be wroing )-because of how much they have to pay back to Federal Reserve Bank plus interest!  

The money from what the goverment pays back to the Federal Reserve Bank and that money goes into the pockets of big bankers such as Goldman Sachs,Lehman Brothers, and J.P. Morgan!  These big bankers are behind the Federal Reserve System! 

Final word

I hope  that I really  explained this subject to you in simple and short terms!  Due to this subject, I hope it get you to think about what has been said in this article, and take this to the next level! You ask -Tyler- what do you mean by this!? I mean that you do more homework and research on this vast matter and I promise that you will very surpised in what you research! I like for you to take it to the next level and research!

Now, it's time for us to wake up and understand what is going on today! A lot of us are sitting around here sleep and ingoring things that should not be overlooked, which can have a major effect on a nation of people later on!  

Until the next article, have a great evening

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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