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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Understanding the languages of what people are saying to you when they are giving you excuse after excuse

Hello everyone! I am back and that it's been a while that I have been on here due to the final compeletion of my book- ( Why it's so hard to forgive those who hurt us- revised and advanced edition), which is being edited  and polished by my editor, which we are don't the final tatics to my book! However, I am glad to be back!

While in the mist of the week, I have thought about a subject that most people can probably relate to folks who  "consistently making excuses"  to them all the time!  As for most of us,  we hear excuse after excuse all the time!  There are also signs of what an excuse maker who continues to give you, they are really trying to tell you something, but really don't want to say it at all! 

Now, I am going to give some examples to help you  discern what are people trying to tell you when they make excuses over and over again! I don't mean to give these examples to offend, but this is people who make excuses will tell you by their vibes if you're really paying attention! In these secernios, there are two things that a person could be telling you if they continue to do this all the time! Look at when I say ( all the time) -not  a  one time ordeal! All of these example is when people  who do this all the time, not one time!

Example  I

 I keep call   or  always go see about that person to see if they want to go hang out or spend with each other , but they always telling me  that they always can't and have something to do for that day!

No. 1 -That person finds their work and  what they are doing is more important than you! They are more focused on that and getting it down rather than taking the time to spend time or hang out with you!

No.2 - That person will make up lies  in order to get you off of their back, and it's an indication that they don't want to fool with you at all! Even though you  might not have done any thing to them, but they just don't have any interest in you! If they did, they would sacrifice their time for that day, or some other day to spend time with you!

Example II

 I don't understand every time that person don't never come and visit me  at all! That person is always telling me they don't know when, and make excuse after excuse all the time !

No 1.   The first thing that person is telling you is that  he or she find you a very uncomfortable individual to be around ! In simple terms, that person is saying that he or she don't have time for you!! In other words, that person will do every thing in their power to stay away from that you!   The roots could be a past issue the individual has with you, or the individual  just feel afraid to be around you!

No 2.  The second thing that person might be telling you silently,but you might not know it at all! That person  might be making excuse after excuse  so that he or she  doesn't want to be around any drama at all! In other words, they will come up with things to make excuses in order to not be around you, but it ends up being the truth because that person don't want to be around drama!  In simple terms, they don't want to fool with you at all!

Example III

Every time this  I want to help  this person out, or give some information to help them out, but that person needs help,  they always never make no action to wanting it! Why  is that person  consistently makes excuses  and saying "no" all the time ?!

Note: This example goes two different ways depending on the person's vibes

No 1. Depending on the situation, the person might be saying to you- I want your help, but I don't have time for your backlashes or bring mess back up in my face of how you helped me out in order to cause some drama! I don't have time for that crap! Even though you might think I am prideful for not recieving your help, and  I see your bad attitude of how you acted towards other people after you helped them, that's what I am looking at!  I don't want your help!

No 2   A person might be strongly telling you- I don't want your help! I don't need your help at all! And their actions and vibes will tell you strongly that they don't want any help!

Example IV

This person always talking about of  wanting  to obtain a goal  get built or lean just like I am, but they always making excuses not to go to the gym all the time !

No. 1  That person  is really telling he or she doesn't want it bad enough! In other words, they will dodge and make excuses that they have something else to do! 

No .2  That person is also strongly telling you that they don't want to go through the training, the intensity, the pain, or sacrifice  in order to obtain that goal!  These are types of  excuse makers  that  you will see jealous of someone else who is built, or lean, or cut!

Example V

This person is always talking about doing their goal, when I check on them to see if they are taking action on that goal, they haven't done anything at all, and always making excuses, and saying that they are going to take action with their goal  !

No .1 This is a sign that person  is telling you- they don't want to obtain that goal or objective! I tired of you wasting my time and checking on me seeing if I am doing what I am supposed to do!

I hope that you enjoyed this article  and it helped you a whole lot! Until the next article - have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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