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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

If you don't like someone or something ( stop fooling with that individual or thing)

Hello everyone! I am very sorry for the delay due to me being very busy last week as usual! Too, I am going to have no more delays for my book as far as I know of, unless something major happens! However, it will be in the publishing process soon in april! 

Today, I want to talk about a topic that I am going to rant on! This might get some people very offended, and this is not meant to be liked nor  approved by every person!  This is fine by me! It's something that I am fence to address and make some huge noise that will probably get's an individual's attention ! By any means, I am not in the business of sugercoating, which means hiding anything at all!You will get offended if you are a person like this, and  you will think that I am being extremely mean!

I wrote a post a while back similiar this post, and there was a comment from a previous person who thought I was being harsh and mean,  but in reality, I was being honest and truthful about  what I was saying
Like me, I am going to upfront and real! I will not fool nor talk with a person who I don't like at all!  It's doesn't make any  sense to be around someone else's drama, constant disrespectfulness, being constantly nosy( that's a big one for me), and someone who is a constant bitch all the time.  My number one , I don't like nosy people  with a passion because those folks are the biggest trouble makers!

The reason why because they don't have nothing else to do with their lives,but to find something and go expose someone else's bussiness to other folks, which was not supposed to be told in the first place. I call nosy people; triffing and big mouth folks who don't know when to shut the fuck up exposing other people's business! That's how they are defined in my book. 

The same thing with a television  show or something- you will see me watching or have it around me!I am going to make some noise with this type of point and some of you aren't going to like it, and it might love this topic!

First, I want to say  that  if you  don't like someone- why in the hell are you in their presence  a lot of the time, or why in the hell are you talking to them!? Why are you sitting there watching them talk?  This doesn't make any sense  to me!  What so interesting- the same individual  will simile and have conversations with  individual who he or she doesn't like, and then will backstab and complain how much he or she doesn't like them!  What I mean by back stab and complain, I mean of talking about their ways! The same process and same shit all of over again.

To me, you don't have any bussiness talking and  having conversations with a person whom you don't like! Why I say that if you're doing  that,- then that  qualifies you to be in the catagory  of being a hypocrite and a huge fake in front of folks! In other words, you are putting up a front that's not even the real you at all! You are not about business at all!  This is the  similiar  if   I had  mustard on my cheeseburger, and I tasted the mustard on the cheese burger.When I tasted it, the mustard was so nasty to me awful until I wanted to puke! Do you think I am  going to try or have mustard on my cheeseburgers again!? Hell no!!  I want to ask you- If you tasted  or an  indegrient from a piece of food; and if you hated the taste, would you taste or eat that piece of food again!/ I think you would not.

What doesn't make sense to me? If you 're going to watch a program or a youtube video of a person that you don't like- why in the hell are you watching that person over and over again!? That's pure nonsense. I want to ask you- What the fuck has you so interested in watching it over and over again!? If you don't like what they're saying, why in the hell are you watching them for the second time?!  You need to quit watching and stop fooling around watching that program, and turn it to another station.

Now, I fence to talk about this thing a lot of people like to put in the picture, love and be nice someone who you  don't like.   What the hell does this so -called love and being nice to someone have do with it? Not a damn thing!Let you something-  they will continue to same crap to you over and over again!

Get a revelation people, if you want to show true love to someone whom you don't like, you need to be real and show them  tough love!!!!!! What I mean by tough love- this means I don't hate you, but I am not going to tolerate and be around  your drama, your disrespectfuness, being a constant bitch all the time ,constant backstabbing, and immature ways! That doesn't mean I hate you- my vibes are saying strongly to you- I can't change your ways, but you're not coming around  me in my presence with type of shit - like drama, being a constant  bitch all the time over stipid and piety stuff, or being disrespectful all the time, a constant backstabber- I mean bussiness and don't have time for it! 

 In contrast, when you start showing tough love- the first thing that person will think- well that person hates me! That person is not talking or conversating with me- they hate me nor like me! That will  get that person to start thinking then! Tell the truth. That's the first thing the person will start thinking  that you hate them just because you don't fool with them at all!  Another thing a  person will think also," Well, you don't never come around, visit, nor chill at house at all! "

Besides,  that's not hatred at all, and don't feel bad if you don't like someone and you refuse to fool with them  a message to them that don't have time for their  disrepectfulness, being a bitch and piety over small and stipid stuff, or drama, or being a constant backstabber!

Or same thing with a you tube program  or  someone television  - you are letting that person know, go and watch that at your house, not that person or program in my house! It will not be allowed in my house because it's very disrepectful to me to for watching that! Then too, you mean business about it, by your vibes and actions!  Too you're saying- I  don't hate the person on the television program, but their words or what they are saying will not be heard  in my house among my family or children so that their words or disrepectful things won't have an affect on my children or anbody else who lives in my household.

If you find yourself who don't like someone or something, and constantly complaining about that person's ways, or something you don't find pleasing! Shut the fuck up complaining and take a chill pill, and then quit fooling around or having that thing or person in your life that you don't like! I know you're some of you are mad and ready to crucify me. I stand ready for my cruxifixion!!!!!!!!!

However, the problem with society today that we want realness, but we are so sacred to be ourselves and show our true personality in front of others so that  people will know that we  are real, and  we're about business. When  our true selves come out  just because we weren't real from the beginning, then more  people will realize that you were a fake!!!!!! When folks realize you're a fake, they don't take it lightly!!  

As for now, I am being myself, and show you another side of me! Some might think I am being mean and harsh! I will admitt I am not sugercoating, but getting tough by my rants and being real! As for those who are subscribers or readers, I am going to be real and honest by expressing my true self! My goal is not to be like any other self-help blogger, but to be myself and give self-help guildance, rant on things that a lot of   yall can relate to!

Until the next article. Have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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