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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who is behind the mess of the United States econony- the videos

Hello everyone!  I did cover some ground on my book and that I am trying to prepare for it to be a good self-help and personal development book for everyone!  There I have decided to put two videos because if you live in the U.S.! Please listen to this video, it is an important video to help you understand who is behind the mess in the ecomony!  To me, it's a video to listen to at all costs because it's talking about the past and leading to the present of what happened in the United States Economy! A lot of people are sleep and not aware of what was going on, just like I was before! But now, I am not at all!

By any means, I am not a politican, which I hate politics! These videos are talking about the fianancial system of the United States, not basically over political stuff, but it may sound that way,  which is overall not at all!

I love yall  guys so much not to hold this back from you because it's something as a people need to be aware of in the United States, and you will find out it's not the presidents at all behind this mess, it's a power over the goverment behind this mess that we don't have a clue about!These are true facts,it's the same events repeating itself again!

 Then too, I am not by any means is going to do a blog on this, but I will be open for e-mails and I will answer questions only through e-mails concerning the videos to the best of my ability! I placed 2 parts on here for the viewers to listen too! Enjoy the videos!

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