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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Using vacation time wisely can fulfill personal growth goals

Hello everyone this is Tyler  from Self-help enrichment!  I have recieved  a  short guest post from Shar Ray who is a representative from Dahn Yoga Company! However, Dahn Yoga Company is based on yoga, health, and  beauty! You  will see that it's not the representative name on the post, but it will be as Dahn Yoga Company, which she sent to me as a representative of the company! After  visiting the websites, I found some good things on their sight! 
 Another announcement, Next week, I will have a video for everyone to watch from youtube,I really think it is important to watch the video at all costs if you live in the United States! I wil not be writing any thing new week because I am going to focus on my upcoming book that is hopefully and probably to be released very soon!  Enjoy this post  guys

         Using vacation time wisely can fulfill personal growth goals 
                                         Dahn Yoga  Company

Looking to get away for a few days? We are currently in one of the longest stretches of the year with no major holidays, which makes this the perfect time to use a few vacation days to step away from the office and recharge the batteries.

This year, instead of heading to a spa or bringing the kids to an amusement park, why not spend some time on personal development? Using a vacation to develop the mind or the spirit may help you feel even more prepared to head back to work and make it through the remainder of the winter in high spirits.

There are many ways this can be accomplished. A vacation might be an ideal time to start the yoga or meditation class you have been considering taking for years but simply haven't been able to find the time for. With no professional responsibilities, it may become easier find the motivation to get started with these practices.

Searching for spiritual enlightenment not your thing? How about working to develop your mind? Try taking some time out to visit a few museums or peruse the bookshelves of your local library. You may be surprised at some of the things you find. This may help you open up your mind to new ideas and concepts that allow you to expand your thinking.

The more adventurous individuals may want to consider taking a trip to a wilderness destination in order to get in touch with their natural side. For example, Sedona, Arizona, offers numerous hiking options that take visitors through the majestic Red Rock formations. Adventurers have reported deeply spiritual experiences after visiting these locations. Any time spent out in nature can help individuals reconnect with more natural parts of their mind.

A person has spiritual and mental needs that may become difficult to satisfy during the course of a standard 40-hour work week. The drive to improve oneself is deeply embedded within all of us, but the desire to satisfy this need can become blunted when we have little free time.

Using vacation time to work toward your personal growth goals may be one of the most effective ways to satisfy your need for spiritual and mental development. This time of year is perfect for making plans to get away. 

To know more about the company, please visit  or come visit  at their face book at Dahn Yoga is rooted in the rich history of an ancient Asian mind-body practice, Sun Do, and in the wisdom of the Chun Bu Kyung
Dahn Yoga is one of the largest yoga and tai chi companies in the world with its own unique style and brand of yoga.

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