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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I 'm always being nice to folks, but why do I always experience people being mean and cruel to me

   In this society today, some people have been so nice, but always get back people or experience who are always mean to them for no apparent reason whatsoever! In most caes, It has caused  most people to be frustrated and almost give up from being nice to other folks at all!  For some people who have been so nice to folks, and always get back folks being mean to them: they will say to themselves or to other individuals, " Forget being nice to people! This is a huge waste of my time! I am always being nice to people, but I only get back or always experience  folks being rude,cruel, and mean to me! This is so frustrating! Why is this happening to me! "

And sometimes,  a person can be nice to some folks and  he or she will  get back people always being mean to them!  The person  will ask the question in their head-" Why  I am always being nice ,but folks are always mean to me!?"

   The possible general answers to that question-  there might been a case or situation in the past in which that person doesn't remember  in the past  that he or she  was being mean and cruel to other people for so long, and from what that person has done in the past to other people, it's a part of their reality! Why is this? What you give and do towards people, it will come back to you!

 And sometimes, the problem lies with people forget what cruelity and being to mean to others in the past, and even though they change and start being nice to other people, but it doesn't exempt them from what is going to come back to them!  What am I talking about?!What you give or do towards others rather it's good or bad, or being mean to folks-  it will come back to you! It's a universal law, and it's a biblical concept also!

Another general answer to the question of why  some people can be  so nice to other folks, but they  always get back  folks being mean to them!  Sometimes in a situation, a person is very  nice to some folks, but gets back being cruelity or the folks were being to them due to a one time exprience! From that situation due to that one time exprience, it causes that person  to get mad and upset, and he or she goes  to complain and talk daily  about it to  friends or family  members that these folks are so mean, or people are just plain rude!

 That person doesn't know  that when he or she speaks and constantly focuses on how mean those folks were to them, he or she is creating  more situations of folks to be mean to them, or the same folks to be mean to them !   In other words, what you speak daily and have given your mind total attention to how mean they were, it will cause you to create more situations of the same people or other people to be mean and harsh to you as an every day experience!  In other words, it's important to be aware of what coming out of your mouth!!!!

However, it's  noticed in this world that  there  is cruelity, harsh, and mean people, but  I have realized that  it doesn't have to be our  every day experience !  Don't get get me wrong,  every now and then, we will run into a very mean, cruel, or harsh person!

I will humbly admitt that all of us sometimes  will get a little upset due a person being mean to us, and that's ok, but what I am saying is that it's important to not focus all of your mind and constantly speak daily  about that situation of that person or folks being so mean to us because it causes more situations of folks being mean  and more harsh than ever! It's because of what we were speaking out of our mouths and how much we have gave our mind the attention to that sitation of that person being so mean to us!  What you speak daily will be your focus, and what you focus on, is what  entering into your mind and spirit, what going in your mind and spirit is what you are creating as your experience! 

Even though if someone was mean to you that one time due to that rare experience, it's ok to be upset one time, but move on and  continue  to focus finding  opportunities to be nice and kind to people!

 In contrast , I have realized  that if we are nice and kind to people, it will come back to us!  In other words, when you give out kindness,  you recieve or get back folks to be kind to you because it's your focus! When you focus on being nice to other people, you are creating situations and  people will come along to be nice and very kind to you!

In this society today,  a lot of  people are really drawn to kindness!  It's  a source of love, and it's a part of the fruit of love! Some of you ask what is the fruit of love -  that's longsuffering,  it is patient ,  it doesn't even boast in oneself, and  it thinks about other person besides  itself or oneself, it wants the best for that person, it's always a giver!   In addition, there might be more  parts of the fruits of love  that I have missed didn't  cross my mind at all, but  we all wanted to be loved and treated  with kindness!

Last word- treat folks with kindness! I am not saying let people run all over you!  Depending on that situation, you have to know when to put your foot down whenever people are running all over you, and knowing when to do it!

Until the next article! Have a great and blessed evening 

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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