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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to overcome Jealousy

 Hello everyone!  It is the start of the new year! I want to say   "Happy New Year to Everyone, and that every person who visit or subscribes to this page will have a very great year!  I wish the best for you and that this year will be the most properous! I am sorry for not having prepared the new year's wrap up as I supposed to!

As the start of the new year, I want to begin with a topic to help a lot of people in an area! But before going into that area, I want to begin first talking about -Jealousy is a blessing block and then work my way  in talking about how to overcome it! In other words, it's really to segments in one!

Therefore, Jealousy is  a common thing in our society today and that  I really noticed that Jealousy can block a whole lot of good things from coming into one's life!  When a person is jealous:  It indicates something that individual has that he or she wants!

Certain indications can be in a particular talent that person has in an area that they want to be very talented in so badly! Or sometimes when a person is jealous; he or she might want the body or  to be muscular, or to have a toned body, or to have the  similar build as that person!  Or sometimes, that person assumes that that individual have a close relationship and it's tight, and becomes jealous because that person doesn't have it! Or sometimes, a  person could be  in a relationship or married to someone, he or she gets jealous just because someone is talking to their love, or someone he or she likes a lot!  Or sometimes, a person would get extremely jealous just because someone got a promotion he or she didn't deserve at all, which that person  feels that the promotion belongs to himself or herself!

 To come to conclusion of the different things that a person could be jealous about- it can be a major hinderance and a blessing blocker for things to come in your own life!  Then too,  Jealousy  is not only a blocker, it will do every thing in it's power to destroy and tear down other folks down! In other words, it only focus on finding ways to speak death, destroy a relationship, or speaking destructive criticism towards an individual because it's something they want!  To put it in simple terms, jealousy kills and destroys!   

When a person is very jealous, that person is going to do what he or she got to do to take that individual out, and to tear them down! It's the truth, Jealous people get mad at folks who did what it takes to get there, but those people don't want to  !  Jealous folks will  do what they got to do in order to make themselves better so that person won't make them look like a total ass hole! In other words,  That's to tear down their talent, ablities, or  keeping  an individual from forming a tight relationship with another person!  Besides,  a person  who has a major  problem with jealously , it's a sign that they are insecure! 

If one has  been jealous of a person! Here are  a few simple solutions that might work for you to overcome it!

1). One thing we must realize and notice that -" There is always someone better than me! There is someone who knows more than me! There is someone who is better looking than me! There is someone who is run faster than me! There is someone who is more talented in this area than me! There is someone more toned- and more musclar than me!"

2). If one find yourself getting jealous of a person ! First thing to do, Humble yourself and go that individual to ask questions, and be open minded when he or she  answers your question!  

3)  Another method of overcoming jealously is to humble yourself, and start learning and being taught from that person of how they got  it, and  you will learn and do what it takes to get what you want! Show that individual that you willing to learn and be taught! Learning is one of the great keys and you might be surpised what you will learn from that person, and it will be one of your greatest blessings! It's one of the main areas to get to get what they got, it might take days or even years! It's a good way to cure from jealously!

3)  The next method might be a talent, having a toned  or muscular body, or being good at something!  Humble yourself and ask that person to help train and push you to get where you want to be!  You have to be committed and show commitment!

I hope that these methods has helped you in the long run and it was a blessing to you!

Until the next blog, have a great day!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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