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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The importance of being an investor and giver rather than a saver and a hoarder

Hello everyone, I am finally back since it has been a long time since I have been on here in a while due to my heavy work schedule load! I really did miss being on here during the vast long period of time because of working so much!   I tell you I had to get some rest!

 Therefore,I have realized that it's almost the end of the year, and it seems as if it went by so fast!  As you all know, I am working on rewriting my book- why it's so hard to forgive those who hurt us, which is going to the advanced and revised version! I am very focused on this book, which has consumed a percentage of time besides working two jobs!  This book I believe, it will be one of the most powerfulest books  that a person who has held unforgiveness will ever read!

Now in the these days, we are being told as a society, it seems that  many people are  moving away from giving and investing their money.  Due to the amount fear of giving and investing,  we are being taught to save our money and hold on to it!

 In contrast, when I was  a kid -I was always told to save my money, which I didn't think it was a bad thing at first, but as realizing growing up, I realized that saving  and hoarding  without an focused objective is nothing but losing in the long run! It's a biblical and a unversal principle, folks who withold and savers without a focused objective, they  will lose!

Does it sound like that   I am trying to compelety knock down saving and hoarding  money- " No"!   If a person wants to save money, they should have a focused objective to accomplish something in life such as starting a bussiness, buying their own home, or wanting to save in order to give or invest  a lot to a particular company, charity, or something that they love, then it is the way to go!  

I say this again - never save unless you have a focused objective to do something!  Without an objective, savers who are hoarders will always lose on the long run, which they will grind in more fear than before!  A saver without a focused objective will always be in fear of losing, and not realizing they are  already losing!As being a saver without a focused objective, you really are stoping the opportunties  from the universe to give back to you in abundant ways that you never imagine!

When a person doesn't have a focused objective by their savings, then they are just a hoarder of cash! They are just saving for nothing! One will realize that trying to find ways to save money, it's only losing in the long run because soon of a later, it's going to have been used in some sort, or be it will be taken somehow!

 In addition, I will humbly admitt that I am still breaking that type of old pattern, which I have really improved in this area  when it's comes to saving!   Don't get me wrong it will take a while to break some old pattern that has been embedded in you for years!

Being a focused investor and  a giver

 I believe that  society should have a investing and giving mentality ! In what I mean by this -They should invest or give  their  money towards things that they love and enjoy, or they want to see propser!!

When you are an investor- ask yourself- what is my objective for investing or giving to that charity, colleges, or company, someone whom I  like so much that could be a writer- blogger, singer, actress,full time bodybuilder?

Besides, our true focused objective when we invest in  someone whom we like,  or a college, or a charity, or a company - it should be  based on love- this is the main key! When we invest in a company, person or chairty which we truly  love, we will never get  frustrated or mad with our results and never will push us back into fear!  

Also when you invest or give, you are creating situations and other people that will love you- to give or invest back into you! These are the results  will produce of when you invest into things that you love so much! In other words, when you have an investor or a giving mentality- you are really making happen  for charities, companies, and other folks whom you decide that need help!  Being an investor or a giver- you are an abundant person! 

We shouldn't make investing or giving as a one time thing- we should make investing as your living! When we focus on investing into things  or people whom we love  as our living!

 Basically  Whenever a person has a  investor mentality, you will never lose! Even if you invest into companies  through the stock market that you love  and desire to see propser, and not getting a return right then and there, YOU WILL NEVER LOSE! Even if you invest into charities or someone like a writer, author, bodybuilder, actress, dancer, singer that you truely love, and not recieving  nothing in return from them, YOU WILL NEVER LOSE!  Even if you invest into charities or colleges, and they don't give back to you in  return, YOU WILL NEVER LOSE! 

Some people might be saying- " Tyler, why do you say that you will never lose !? You are talking so crazy right now!"   Every thing that you invest in or give - the universe will always give back to you in ways you would never thought possible! This is a biblical concept- when you give, it shall be given back to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and runneth over, shall men give into your bossom!  

In addtion, the Universe -or -God will create situations to do the same thing for you in what you have done in the lives of others, companies, charities, and other people! ! You will never go without, or you will never run out when you invest or give! As being a saver without a focused objective, you will lose and run out!

I hope that ever person enjoyed this message! Until the next blog! Have a great day!

 Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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