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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why you should speak good things into existence

 I have really had this topic in mind for this week even though I was supposed to post yersterday, and got delayed!  However, I am going to make this topic very short for now, and continue this in part two!  That is speaking things into existence, which is good things!  First, I want to talk about our words as a brief introduction!

Our words are the form of creation rather we are speaking  good or bad!  I believe why so many things happen in a lot of people's life's is because of the power of our words!  In other words, we speak things into existence, which we speak those things as though they were rather it's good or bad!

What we consistently speak out of our mouths, it's mainly our focus! In what most of us  don't understand, consistent speaking out of the mouth causes our feelings to be an  aligment  for that thing that we are speaking, it will come to pass!

 Every one of us have heard these saying, the person  who ever speaks the most of prosperity; he or she has it, the person who speaks of goodness coming into thier lives, he or she  has it,  the person who always speak the most of  health, he or she  has it, the person who speaks of sickness has it, and the list can go on and on!

The reason why because their focus is there  while consisentely speaking those things into existence! What you consistently speak, you will get it!

I will continue this in part II, and this will give a little introduction about the power of our words!

Until the next article or blog! Have a great and safe evening

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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