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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why you should speak good things in existence Part II

 I wanted to continue to my second part of this serious about speaking good things in existence!   We can create in the words based on what we speak rather it's good or bad, which could be a major part of our reality!   The words that we  continue  to speak  have a strong intrepretation of we are feeling and what's in our heart, which is in the process of becoming a reality!

One of the main reason that I have discovered to speak good things in existence because it can have an affect on your health!  I have learned that when we consistently speak good,  we feel good based on what we speak!  Too, I have also noticed with speaking good things consistently, it has the power to change a negative thought what we're thinking!   In other words, it brings  inward peace and rest causing us to be in a good mode after consistently speaking good words!

 Speaking good things not only create our reality, but it has a creation and dicate our mindset or our way of thinking and our health!

This changes our focus and brings life to our emotional state of health!  Like me, I have noticed these things while speaking good things over mine own life!

One of the main things that I speak over my life

One of the main things that speak  that may sound crazy to a lot of people,  I  always speak,  " I getting younger and younger!" I have people come and tell me that I look  younger than my age, and I love them telling me that I look younger than my age!

 I know that it's due to me speaking it, and exercising at the gym each week!   Some people always speak that they're getting old, and not knowning that what's a part of our experience based on their words, which I was around people like that when I was a kid! however, I always knew that I always wanted to feel and look young, which  I didn't never listen to such sayings  of people repeating  that you're getting old, or you will become old! 

However,  your reality is what you speak based on  what you speak! Speak great things that might seems odd and weird  to people, and it will become your reality!  What might seem odd to the average person, it can be something to give others to think about!

I hope everyone enjoyed this! Until the next article, have a great and blessed evening! 

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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