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Thursday, October 20, 2011

If something doesn't feel right, you have the right the question it Part II

Hello everyone, I am back with part II, which is the last part of the short series  of this section! On the  short note, the purpose of  both of these series  are to allow people to be aware of when something isn't right whenever they meet a person!

Besides, I am not here to tell you that you shouldn't develop a close friendship, or not go out on a date with an individual, but I am here to help you be aware of when something isn't right  while in the mist of meeting an individuals, and wanting to look out for your safety! This might be an unusual article to you, but it doesn't get talked about to much dealing with self-help, and I believe that every person should look out for their safety!

In this day and time, you have to be on your guard and follow your gut when it keeps nudging you, if it's in an uncomfortable situation with another individual!  Usually,There are some individuals that one can meet, and he or she can tell you do things that can be very uncomfortable or you know a person could probably land in some trouble, or probably greater than that!

In that type of situation, if you are on a date, or with a group of friends who beg you to do something that doesn't feel right! It's a great time to cut their ass off- it's not because you don't like them but you're looking at what it can lead to down the road!

Then too, The one  in which I am most suspicious  in these days, which is giving a person a ride whom I haven't got a clue about, or bring someone in my house, whom I haven't gotten to know well enough! This might be a nice and kind thing to do, but you could put yourself at jeopardy! Especially when it doesn't feel right!

Too, whenever you're  in a position to give a person a ride;  it's important  to always make sure and  be confident that you have gotten to know that person well enough, and you feel a peace in your heart about that person! If a person flags you down saying that they need a ride, it's best to go your way and keep going !

 Besides, one doesn't know if the person has a warrant out for their arest, or a felon or the run,someone who is a felon, or someone who is a serial killer! Besides, we don't know! I am not saying it's nothing wrong with it, but if your gut telling  not to do, it's best not to do that!  If  it doesn't feel right, and it's there, then you have the right to question it!

If  God or the universe is giving you a signal not to give that person a ride! God or the universe are looking out for your safety! The universe is protecting you from unseen dangers that it's sees up ahead, it's a sign from the universe or God saying- I love you, I don't want to see you in a situation of danger, or trouble, or where it can cause you to get hurt!

However, what are your opinions on this topic?! I would like to hear them! Should you give a person a right and do a kind act, or think first and look out for safety!? What your opinion?!

Until the next artcle! Have a great and blessed evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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