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Thursday, October 13, 2011

If something doesn't feel right, you have the right to question it Part I

Hello everyone, it's been a week since I  have been on here due to rewriting my 2nd book, " why it's so hard to forgive those who hurt us"-and it's been one of the greatest blessings to write again!

In contrast, I want to talk about  a question that most people always say!  Well, you aren't supposed a question a particular situation or person about something!  I agree to  this statement to a certain extent! If it comes to the point of  a situation or being  with a person and it doesn't feel right; you have every right to question that person's background or a situation because it could get you in trouble or put you in some type of danger!

First, I want to begin with a  meeting a person! If you meet a person and you don't know anything about them at all! If you decide that you want to become their friend, or wanting to go on a date with them! I believe that you have the right to question their background, and what are they like!  As you heard of the saying, " You never know these days who you're dealing with! It could be some one who is a felon, or someone who has an warrant out for their arrest, or someone who might beg you to do something that doesn't feel right, and could get you in trouble!" The facts are true!

 Like me, when I decide if  I want to be friends with a guy if I start to enjoy being around that would lead to being best friends, or if it's a girl that I begin to like, or  she likes me! I will question their background! And also, if it doesn't feel right; I will immediately question it!

Some might  say! Well Tyler, " You are being too supicious with your feeling!" I will say this," It's better being safe than being at jeopardy!

To all you people who decide you want to develop a relationship with any person, rather it's becoming to build a friendship with someone you like, or go on a date with a person that you begin to be attracted to! If a person doesn't want to make a confession that  he or she is  a felon,or he or she  has a warrant out for their arrest, or  they're throwing out strong hints that they can't get their story straight, cut their ass off!

It might hurt their feelings, but you are doing the right thing! It's not putting your life in great danger! I will repeat again,  If you have a strong nudge that you feel something isn't  right with a person rather it's  starting  a friendship, or a date; it's the best thing to question them!

                                                                   True Story

I was in situation with a person, and  a true life story ! Besides,"I am not going to disclose the person's name  due to privacy purposes!"I met this person, and started a friendship with this individual! As getting to know the individual,the I asked the individual about their birthdate!The person told me  march of 1983, and  was 27 years old! I had signs that something isn't right in this situation!

I could feel it very strongly! I am saying in my head, " How can someone not  know their actual age, that's odd!?  If this person  was born in march 1983,would  this individual be 28! That doesn't make sense!" Then in addition,  I asked some more questions if I felt I was on this individual's back, and the individual told me not to question it!  Too, I could not escape what I was feeling, that strong gut feeling persistant nudging me and told me something wasn't right! 

However later on,I came to a point to tell the individual as it was! During that evening while at work and I told the individual like it was by text!  In put in simple terms, I cutt the individual ass off!!  Even though the individual was angry at me because I cut him off, this individual felt very hurt by my reponse and  then told me that"you need to work on yourself, you could have friendships with other people, and I try to be there for you ,may God help you!"  Do you think I  hand any remorse due to the fact of cutting this individual off? - " Hell no!"

To me, I don't like ( BS) from an individual who can't get their story straight at the beginning if it's going to put my life in danger or put me in some type of trouble! Even if it's a girl or guy, if they can't get their story striaght about their background, and the gut feeling persistantly nudges me that something isn't right, and hints are being thrown that they're trying to cover something up, I will cut their ass off!! Don't like it, go find someone else!

To all the viewers, if you are meeting someone in person, or a dating website, or on craiglist looking to develop a close friendship, or wanting to date so that it can lead to marriage! Always look out for your safety  while trying to start a relationship with another individual, when something doesn't feel right, and you know your gut is nudging that it doesn't feel right, like you're in danger! Some of you probably say that " If you're supcious, you are being parnoid!" I say that being supicious can be your greatest blessing when it comes something that doesn't feel right! I will say this, what ever a person trying to hide from you, and you're still with them and it continues not to feel right, believe me, it will come to light soon of a later! It doesn't get pretty when it comes to light !

I would like to hear your opinions on this subject!

Until the next blog! Have a great and blessed evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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