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Friday, October 28, 2011

How to know the signs of company is in danger where you're working at

Hello everyone!  I hope that everyone has a good week leading up to the upcoming weekened!Me personally, I want to help those recognize when a company is in great danger so that you won't be caught off guard!   This week, it has been on my mind to do this post because  a lot of people don't when a company that they're working at could be in great danger!  Due to the hard times in the U.S. ecomony, a lot of companies in the United States have taken a lot of people off guard and laid them off by surprise!  It's very tough when a company tells you that they don't need you any more, and it's very tough not to panic! I am not going to sit here in lie to you, it's not easy!

Before talking  about the signs when a company is in danger, there are some things I want to address! The certain things I recognized with a lot of companies that they're not going to tell you what's  going on behind the scences!  The other thing about the majority of  companies in the U.S. that are in danger or in the brink of danger, I hate to be harsh, but it's true, they don't give a damn about you, they don't care about you need  to provide for  your family or yourself, they don't care if you have bills and you need to pay them, and you have to provide food on the table! In other words, the majority of these companies in the U.S.  are going to do themselves first, and what I mean by that; they're going to do what it takes in order to save money, and to do all that they can to keep their contracts alive ,so that they can be paid, and they're not thinking about you!  In put it simple words, they're going to do what they got to do! Not to say, there are some companies out there in the U.S. or in otheir countries who care about their employees, but there are a lot of them that don't care!

However, I want to  address the signs that you want to be aware of!

1).  How the employees and management of the company as a whole  treat each other

       This is the number one sign to look out for! I even look for this when I am working for a company!Then when you have employees  and managment of the companies treating other like crap; believe me, the word is going to get about that company quick about how bad it is!

Besides,I am not to talking of one person in general, because out of every good company there is always one triffling person in the bush! I am talking about employees and managment  as a whole,  look at how the employees and management as a whole treat each other!  This is a good indication something isn't right in the company! That's a sign that they're self-focused company rather than caring about employees as a whole!

2). Do that company lie about there isn't work and they reveal later there is, and say that later on they're extremely behind on orders

     In other words, they reveal there isn't no work! They reveal that they are in jeopardy of their contract with their customer and  have to get orders out on this date, and all the workers have to work overtime!

3).  Are they customer focused, or self-focused

   This is another great sign  that I look for in a company! What are they doing to bring happiness in the lives of a customer!?  What are they doing new and unique in the company to bring happiness to the customer? Are customers drawn to them or not?  If they are, you're company isn't in danger! If they are doing things just  to keep their money flow alive, you need to question that, then they are in great danger !

4)  Look at the news  on the internet about that company

    To me,   a lot of managment of the company isn't going to say anything to you about if the company is in danger! The first thing that they are going to tell you! Every thing is fine! Keep up with the news on the internet about that company,  the things about a majority of  companies will always come to light through the news about them losing their contract, and etc! It will always hit the news in what they're going to do with a lot of companies!  Most of them might not put what's going on with their company in the newspaper, but it's always important to look at the signs! If it doesn't feel right, do a background check!

5). Are they a hoarding Company  

     Some of you will say," What do you mean by this Tyler?"  Are they being a blessing to you? This means- do they give a raise or  probably give employees a gift card to it's employees when they continue  an awesome job at the company? do they do have fish fry? Do the company  bless the employees with a lunch or dinner at the workplace because the company done well? Does the company bless all employees as a reward for doing well?, even if  they have temporary employees! And do companies be a blessing outside the box, what I mean by this! Do they donate to charities? Do they donate to order to help support others ?

This is my quote- A hoarding  company who witholds and treats each other like dirt is doomed to fall down later, but a donating company who supports and be a blessing in the lives of others  and it's employees and it's set to be prosperous!

I really hope that these five pointers helps people who are not aware of when a company is in danger! Until the next blog! I really hope that you have a great Friday!  Have a great and blessed evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan


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