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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Distractions and situations that just come out of nowhere,and has knocked you down- how to handle it

Hey everyone! I apologize about not being on here for last week because it was a heptic week for me!  My aplogizies to my readers for not keeping them informed in what was going on throughout last week! Bascially, I am back on schedule for this week and to keep you informed!

However throughout the week, I was thinking about strong distractions that can catch us off guard! Most situations that has happened, or is happening in our lives, most of us don't worry or stress out over because we have developed to be mentality strong  when that situation tries to show up again!  Most of us think, " Oh! That situation isn't nothing to me! Therefore, that situation just rolls over our shoulders!"

 Bascially, there are some situations that  come out of nohwere that can knock the mess out of us!  I mean that  some situations and distractions can hit so hard it can get make us stop being positive or get our focus off track!  It's like being in the boxing ring," One situation was easy! Another situation is like Mike Tyson, which it knocks the mess out of us!"  Some situations out of nowhere can be so strong until it can cause us to start being negative for that moment!

I want to ask you question readers, " Was you feeling happy througout the day, and a strong situation just knocked you down like Mike Tyson later that day!?  I mean that it was something that you have never encountered at all, but it just shows up out of nowhere and hits you very hard and causes stress, and you try to shake it off, but it like Mike Tyson, it keeps on hitting hard, and you seem to shake it off mentality!"

Another question to ask, " Have you ever happiness and peace for many of days, but focusing on the good things, and no type of distraction or situation haven't hit you in months or weeks!  All of a sudden, it's like two or three things just come and  hit you  at one time on that particular day in which you didn't expect it! It takes your focus off seeing good things come into your life, and takes your focus off being positive off guard for that day, and then it causes us to be very negative!

Some of us can be like in these situations, " Are you serious!? Where in the hell did you come from -distraction or situation? If it's not one thing after another! I am tired of this crap! Why did you show up! I didn't ask for you- Go the hell away!" You're like, " Why did you decide to show up! What the hell is wrong with you!? Isn't this an uncertian time that you decide to show up? Nobody asked you to come here!"

 My short story, and how to handle giant situations

With me, i can relate to the readers who have experienced these types of situations! I have dealt with them myself!  In my own life, there have been  some situations in life can hit so hard and I say to myself, " My goodness, where did this situation decide to show up! Are you Mike Tyson? " My mind don't be as strong on that day to shake it off! There are sometimes I am like, weeew wee! This is something else!"

I remember one time that I had to pay a lot to get my car fixed, and you talking about going to the cross that day, but I had to do it! I just couldn't shake it off,  it knocked the living mess out of me,I could think about what was in my account in how I could survive for the week before getting my pay check at the end of the week , and I was being so negative also! It knocked the living mess out of me!

 The lady at the front of the mechanic shop told me nicely of a situation with a person, which was worser than mine and it brought me to reality, and my mind got back on course after she told me of that person situation with their car! Believe me, it was worse than mine, which brought my mind back to reality!

The woman didn't know that her reminder helped me that someone has worse than me somewhere! After I left, I reminded myself of that, and it took deeply to hear in what she said! Among with reminding myself of that, I would say and think agressively that everything will work out for my good! I also spoke," Goodness has already came out of my situation" However, it worked and I felt much better at the moment, and it went away! However, I had to be agressive when my mind was menatlity weak towards that situation!

My point is how to handle a giant  situation that knocks the mess out of you,-  is to always remind yourself someone somewhere has it worse than you?! Or put yourself where someone tells you a story of someone has it worse!? And too, Agressively focus that good things has arrived out of this situation!

Most of you are like "Tyler"- What sense does that make!? Sometimes, we do need to hear a story of someone in a worser shape than us,but a similiar scenerio! Or sometimes with  few people, it doesn't  help by hearing a story, I believe that they need to see with our own eyes, and be in that worser situation than their own!Besides, I am not trying to be mean or nothing like that, but some people have different mindsets where something will help, or something won't at all !

I hope that this helps, or was a blessing to you! Until the next blog, I hope everyone have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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