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Friday, August 19, 2011

Would you quit worrying folks and let them have a vacation or rest on their day off

Hello, everyone!  This topic came to me during the week because of talking with some people concenring this topic! it's something that need to be addressed immediately! Now, I am not talking about emergencies!Get that straight, you need to attend to a person when it's an emergency such as a flat tire, or a car broke down, or someone is in the hospital, or someone was in a wreck! They need a ride to work or need a ride from work!A person needs someone to talk to and is very depressed! I am not talking about that ! We need to attend to those things! ! In this case, I am talking about people who refuse to give you any rest or any room to relax on a day off!

Besides, This will be another rant, and it will be funny for those who can relate, then you probably can say " Amen" ! At the same time, it won't be a feel good message for those who have been doing these things to other people!  This message will be mentioned to people who have been doing this, they might get offended, but what the heck, it needs to be addressed!

Throughout this topic,I want to keep it real with my readers who can relate to things mentioned on this blog, and can laugh if they can relate or been through the same type of deal!  And readers or other bloggers, I want to show you certain sides of my personality! I know most of you enjoy guest post or information on this blog that can help you out in a life's situation! Sometimes, I think that we need rants so that others can relate to in order to show that you aren't in this situation alone, but at the same time, some people will be offended, which it won't surpise me!

However,  I have been noticing lately  of how many people go through this type of deal, even I myself go through this type of deal!  Some people have the mentality  that they are  their slave and or their pet! They don't want you to live, but they don't care about how tired you are mentality and emotionally by working 2 jobs, or work one job and have to ateend to your children, or vise versa!  They don't want you to go and enjoy life, and live it to the fullist! What do I mean by this!?  They want to call  and worry the hell out of you in order to do this and that work even if you are on a vacation!  They want to worry you when you are off! They want to come to your house and worry you while you are trying to get rest! They will even blow up your cell -phone worrying the hell out of you to do some work on your time or rest and day off!They think that you're super man or superwoman  to do everything at one time!

 Besides, It's a danger to tell folks or certain family members when your day off is! I am saying this again, "Don't let folks or certain family members  know when your day is off!" Or If you work at home, don't tell them that! You will mess your life up trying to be their slave! Like me, I don't! They will come and worry the hell out of you then so that they can drain you by doing other work! When they do know your days off, believe me! They are going to blow your phone up! They don't care if you need rest or not, they only think of  their matters in what needs to get done, not yours at all!

They don't understand the meaning of these terms, I am tired and need to get some rest! Or I  am extremely sick, which I need to get some rest! Or I need a vacation, and I need to relax!  When you say these things  to most people who want power and control of you, they get mad and upset! They don't seem to comprend this statement! They want to lay a guilt trip on you and try to get you to do what they want! Or they will try make you feel bad so that you can be up under their control!

  Most of them will think in their minds and say to you, " Well, you can't help me do this and that! You are being selfish and selfcentred!" If you have been told this statement like I have! You need to put your foot down and  give a reminder to them and say," Okay then, you don't care, you want me to be in the hospital, I am not trying to jepordize my health because of your mapulative and controling ways!  You is putting my health on the line, and you want me to work when I am off, and I need rest! You are crazy!If I don't get rest, I will land in the hospital and get some disease that you might not want to hear about! I got two jobs, and something I do on the side,which I hardly don't get rest! Or I have a job and I have children to take care off! I have already a truckload over my shoulders!"

If they don't take heed to it, and get offended! Something is wrong with them because they want control and they don't care nothing about you! It's just as simple as that! Or folks that want to put throw that crap in your face! Oh I forgot, some folks want to use put this guilt trip or say something like, " You're a young man or woman, you're supposed to be a work-acholic whole lot!"  I got news for some of the older people who have that mentality! I said, "SOME"! I didn't say all older people!!!!! Don't twist and say that I said all older people or old folks have that mentality because most of them don't!

A young  person will  get worn down by that, and can have very bad health problems due to lack of rest! So quit trying to throw that on younger people!They are not superwoman or superman, you know! You need to be brain washed from your slave and controling mentality!  

Let me tell you this, I am not going to not suger coat this ! An acquantice of mine who was 23 years old,who went to the hospital just because of doing this and that for folks and at the same time having heavy burdens, by school work and work! He had to have operation on his brain of a small tumor just because he didn't get any rest! He had two months off where he didn't couldn't do anything!

For the people who want to relax and enjoy your selves or have a day off, enjoy yourself and life, and the things that you enjoy! You have the right to enjoy your self! You have the right to have a day off and enjoy yourself! Some of you haven't enjoyed yourself in a long time! Take a stand, Sometimes you don't need to answer your phone on your vacation or day off, let it blow up! I have done this before so that I can get rest and recuperate! If that person doesn't leave a message on your voice mail and isn't clear about what they want in order to determine if it's an emergency, don't answer it! They didn't want nothing in the first place!

I want to bring this to your attention! After I read a short statement in the book called" The laws of thinking" It says this, " Ideas create wealth and slavery destroys health!" I want to say those who are letting people control you and do this and that for them and not let you get rest You are living as their slave, and it will destroy your health!  Remember, " Ideas create wealth and slavery destroys health!"

I have fussed and ranted enough! I hope that most of you have probably laughed or could relate to this type of issue! I will not have any compassion towards those who are offended and mad because that tells me that they are doing it themselves, and they need to heart examination!

Special note: Next week readers, I will be  taking off from writing from my blog! I will be marketing my blog more agressively and getting back to working on little more my third book! At the same time, I will be resting and relaxing my mind! However,I will give you updates throughout the week on the self-help enrichment page, which you will see on the right hand corner! If you want to recieve updates, and keep up with the news around my blog self-help enrichment, click like on the self-help enrichment page on the right hand corner! Thanks so much!
Until the next blog, have a great and blessed day!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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