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Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is your opinion about suffering in life

Hello everyone! This particualar subject as in fact will not be a very long subject because I would  love for readers and other bloggers to discuss their opinions on here about  suffering!

The other day, I went down my parents house and was reading some an article in a magazine about the subject of suffering, which  it did  speak about religious beliefs for  the possibilties about the cause of suffering! It  explained different aspects about suffering, but it was from a religious aspect! However, there  were two points mentioned in the magazine about the causes of suffering or a particular  bad things happening in the lives of people are true in which I agree with these statements 100%.

 You probably are asking, " What are those points that were mentioned in the book Tyler?"  Let me bring them out to you!

1).  Did we  cause suffering in the lives of other people for us to reap back suffering

This point I really liked, I find this to be really true! When one does evil, triffing, or doing lowdown things in the lives of other people, he or she will reap the conquences of our past actions! I want to add this statement also!  When one  gives people a hard time and creating hell in their lives, and stressing them out for no reason, one will reap back the  bad situations and things due to their past actions of what he or she has done to other people!

2) Do you  do things to your body to cause suffering later on

  This is another point that it brought out! Even though I am not a religious actic, but I really agree with this statement! Do you smoke a lot, and later one ends up with cancer or problems with their lungs, or heart problems so that suffering can happen in the future!?

 In my opinion, I believe that sometimes that we can cause suffering in our lives just by what we could be sowing  bad or evil in the lives of other people, and it hold true with the body! My other opinion in such cases, we don't cause suffering, it happens in untimely events! For example, there are sometimes most of us could be in a hellish household during childhood, which we didn't qualify to be in that family and we were placed there at an untimely event in life, but  most of us couldn't change it at all, but most of us had to suffer and endure those situations!   At the same time, most of us probably  learned from those experiences and wanted to bless other people!

That's it guys! I really want to hear from all readers and other bloggers about their opinions about suffering! Do you believe that a person is supposed to suffer!? What are your thoughts about this subject!? I would like to hear your opinions!

Until the next blog! Have a blessed and great day!

Copyright(C) Tyler J.Logan 
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