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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Negative mind and life's distractions: How to fight against it

It's been just about a whole week since I have been on here! So sorry readers for the great delay of a new post! However, I have something that I want to talk about today, which  most people have trouble in! That's get focused off their negative distractions!

Negative distractions in life is something that a lot of people go through, which I can relate because it a great fight against it!  However, the negative distractions objective is to have us get our focus and attention towards the postive and manifesting great things in our lives!

As for me, I have learned that negative distractions don't have any power unless one  gives their attention or mind to that distration long enough! That's when the negative distraction have the power to make things worse!   In order words, where your focus is, you will give attention and energy to it, and when one contrentrates their mind towards what ever has gotten attention the most, it will come into manfestion or will become as your reality!  To put it simple terms, what you focus on, you will get!

 Basically,I want to tell a short story in order for you of what happened to me 5 weeks ago for an example so that most of you readers can understand

Five weeks ago, I was at work! A fellow coworker of mine told me that my eye was very red, which I thought, " What is going on!"  After I got off work the following day, I went to the book store, and my eye begin to feel worse, and it was gooey stuff out of my eye! When I got home, I laid down for a minute and my eye calmed down, then when I open it felt worse!  However, I called a fellow relative and asked her about the problem and she told me that I had the cases of the pink eye!  I rushed to her house and she told me what type of eye treatement  to go get! We went to get the prescription from the store and came back, I put the eye dropper in, and that stuff working, and I kept rubbing  and picking at my eye, and complaining about my issue of the pink eye because of that gooey stuff coming out! I focused my energy on how the pink eye was kicking my butt, and it felt more worse! I focused so much on the distraction until it was pitful!

The next mourning, I woke up and my eye was gooey, and I looked in the mirror, I am like that's groose, I never had the pink eye before!  Bascially I called in and took off from work that day! I was feeling not confident and worse,I was thinking about going to the doctor! Something lead me to put my video called the secret,  and I watched it for a while, then it reminded me to focus my thinking on the best! While I did that, I focused agressive  on my eye being healed while taking my prescription medicine  for my eye! I begin to feel my eye getting better! I called my mom and told her ,I would be to her work place!

She didn't want me to speak negative and she gave me some lecture about not listening to negative hearted people, claim and focus on that your eye is already healed, and continue to take your prescription medicine for your eye four times a day! Don't rub or touch your eye! You are fine "son"!

After leaving her workplace, I took her advice and started to see my eye being healed while taking my eye presciption medicine 4 times a day for my eye! In the mist of that distraction to my body,I focused on that my eye was already healed! I seen the vision of my eye being as white as snow! Within 3 days, my eye was as white as snow! I was so amazed!  

Special note:For most of you readers, you haven't had the same deal as me or experienced a distraction like that!  This is only an example, if you feel that you need to go to the doctor concerning medical reasons, do that, but have the vision  and claim that you are already healed, while taking your medicine to help you to get healed!

In order to be stop distractions,  one has to get agressively focused! I mean  very agressive in order to see results so that the distractions will stop! I learned that a negative distraction won't go away by condicence, you have to fight against it!

Few ways to fight against a distraction

1).  Get videos of postive personal development videos like "the secret"! Listen to it over and over again! This is a main  tool to fight against distraction! Or get other positive videos to get your mind of that negative distraction! This is a tool to get your mind off the distraction! Don't do it every once and while because those negative distractions in life or in the mind will make an attempt to come back!

2).  Practice seeing yourself  out of that bad situation! Pretend like '"you are already out of that situation! This has already happened"  See a vision of yourself that the good as already came out of this situation! Give your attention to that daily and say thank you that " The good has already came out of the situation! Don't do it every now and then! Nothing will happen that way! You have to be agressive every day, and focus agressively on that every day!!

Note: Never say, " I am coming out of this situation because it will ended always being futuristic!"

3).   Get away from people who are very negative! This is a very important factor! Some people don't believe the impossible! It's very important to get away from those type of people because they will make you feel down, and worser about your self!

I hope that everyone have enjoyed this post! Thanks so much!

Until the next blog have a blessed day and evening

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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