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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why you shouldn't trust a nosy person Part II

 This post will probably help most readers be aware of  very nosy people! There is a thing that  I am putting out here to the readers  there is a great important into not trusting a nosy person!  Will they go away? In my opinion, "No"! Should you trust  a nosy person! In my opinion, " heck no!"  I don't care if it's family!You shouldn't trust them if they are very nosy!!

Most of you might be asking, " Where is this going?!  It's a rant and not going to be sugercoated ,  it's not going to be a feel good message to those who are extremly nosy, but can be very funny for those who can relate to this information! As to the readers, you can probably relate to what I am going to present! To a place that I can say, " I don't blame you at all!"

Actually, most nosy people don't seem to comprehend the term! " It's none of your business!"   My goodness, Most of them can get so offended when you say," none of  your business!"  Or most of them are so bold they want you to push the information out of them until they want you to be mean and say something harsh! To the extent, you sometimes have to say something harsh or something that's going to strike them emotionally will cause them to stop asking private questions! 

Sometimes, you have to be mean and harsh to  a bold nosy person! That's when they will stop! Get this straight people, that nosy person doesn't have an attractive, excited, aroused, or  no interest in having a deep relationship with you, which means curiousity! A very nosy person is out to get your  information in order to twist and probably even to destroy you! So, don't be thrown off or decieved by the statement when a very nosy person says,"I was just curious!"That person is throwing you for a great loop because you are falling in their trap!

 Besides, when they get piece of information, they run like leperchauns like they have grabbed a piece of gold! This is how nosy people are, they are like leperchauns searching  and wanting gold! Remember this, Information is like gold!

This is going to offend a lot of people!  You and I have been told this statement!  "Well, I just want to get to know you!"  You say "Tyler" What's wrong with that statement!?

Now, there is nothing with that statement!  Whenever  one  doesn't put the action and effort to show that one isn't interested in that person  in order form a relationship or friendship, and one continues to say statement, " I want to get to know you!"  This is a huge red flag, which He or she is  just contridiciting himself or herself, and is faking around playing a game with you  in order to get information! In order words, their words are saying one thing, but their actions doesn't show it at all!

It's like playing the game cat and mouse! You was the mouse, and the nosy person was the cat! You was the mouse caught by the cat! As my mom told me, " Actions speak more louder than words!"

Most nosy people will use that statement in order to get to the bate! If you're not careful, you will fall into their trap! The biggest trick that a nosy person will do! Most people will pull that type of trick!

Now, I want to bring out  2 more pointers why you shouldn't trust a nosy person

(1) .A very nosy person doesn't know when to keep their big mouths shut!

   In order words, they don't know when to shut their mouths when someone tells them not to tell another individual a certain piece of information! They just don't know when to stop talking to much!They just talk to damn much! They don't think about," this person might not want me to open my mouth about this!"  They just open their big mouths and don't know when to shut it! They will look for ways to embrass you in front of people, which is by opening their big fat damn mouths! They will open their mouth about something in front of people to disclose your privacy! They do this mess on purpose without thinking! They will go around your back and tell other people!

  If you notices a person who runs their mouth telling other people's business, or embarassing you! You need to get away from them, because they aren't meant to  be in your life! They 're not proven to be trustworthy!

(2). A very nosy person is out to spread and twist your information about you

 Now,  this is another thing that nosy people can do! They are out to spread and twist your information so that  they can try to tear you down!  They don't care how they do it, just as long as they have  spreaded the infomation, peverted and twisted!  They will get around their group of people and gossip about your information and twist it so much until it doesn't sound like the truth!

Final word

This is my rant for today! It might have been funny, or might have put some fire and offended some people! In the long run, if people stop being so nosy! There will be more trust in the form of developing deep relationship or friendships! Besides, I am not sorry if it offend someone! I am being real with you! 

Until the next blog! Have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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