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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mid-year updates 2011

Hello to all my readers, I would like to give my thanks to all the people who enjoy  and liked my self-help enrichment page! My plan and vision for this blog and to give self-help and personal development information to enrich  other peoples' lives, and to the people who read blog, which can relate to life's situations!

Today, I wanted to do a short outline on today's updates! First, I would like to thank again for those who clicked liked on my self-help enrichment page, it has been  year and half since I started this blog!

My first update is that  I am still working on different things in order to give benefical information and the best-interest to other personal development and self-help bloggers  in order to raise the vision for this blog! I have been working  on more marketing for this site, so that there will be more benefit and more help to more readers! Lately, I got a letter from one reader on how an article that I written, it blessed and help him a lot to which he found answers, and I was very happy about that!

This is the goal and vision for this blog is to write unique personal development and self-help articles, and write situations that you can relate to! In order words, I want to keep a for real attitude on this blog, and be myself, and not try and be a copy-cat! My next goal is connect with  the  readers relating to life's situations! The readers are the life of this blog!

Next, I am still in process of writing my new book, " Why it's so hard to forgive family members", which I am still focusing on writing right now! I am focusing on making this one of the most benefical books to help readers and things that they can relate to!

 Once I get done with that book, there will be another book that I will be focusing on my new future book' Financial mind Order!"I have had thoughts about this book!  I have been thinking about focusing on this book after I am done with previous book!

Also readers, next week, I will be taking  that  week off from my blog to get rest, and focus!

Stay tuned

Until the next blog, have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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