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Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to find your happiness

In today's society, we have a lot of people who aren't happy at all! It may depends on their circumstances, trials, or having hell with family members, employees, or coworkers, or maybe their religion!   It could be all types of difficult situations in life that makes us unhappy, or the things we like to have!

Usually, some people says that happiness isn't defined in money! Others might say that happiness isn't defined in the relationship that you want!  However, we can observe that  there are different cases where people can define their happiness!

I can relate to all the viewers who want to find happiness, and which they don't know how to find happiness and especially through trials and  rough situations, which we have a lot of questions of how to get out of the situation! There is a statement  most of you probaby have done just as me, which it took me a long time to change my focus!

Finding happiness in your tough circumstances

Most of you have probably heard of this known statement defined, " I will be happy when I get out of this situation or this type of circumstance, or this relationship,  job, or I will be glad when I get away from this group of people!"   Besides, I have been accused of saying such things!  I even done this with the some difficult people or job that I couldn't stand, which it brought more unhappiness, when I change my focus and my thinking, that's when the difficult situation changes! Besides, Let me explain this to you!

Whenever one  focuses on the "When" in the difficult situation, it brings just brings more unhappines because "when" is always in the future tense, and not in the now stage, which the circumstance doesn't never change at all!

To change the difficult circumstance, change begins with you and your focus! In other words, change your outlook about the situation!This is what the universe requires of you! Or  this is what God requires of you! Believe me, it took a while for me to get this! And then too, You say "Tyler"! How can you do that?!

 Change your focus off the difficult circumstances, and focus your thoughts on good things! For example," If you are in a circumstance with a difficult person or an a challenge, focus your thoughts and say within yourself, " This situation has already changed for the good! There is already good out of this situation! There is  already an abundance of blessings out of this difficult situation!" Focus and act that it has already happened and you will begin to feel so good! It might take work,but you will find so much happiness while focusing on those things! The situation will change!  

With me, I  wish that I could have known this in my earlier years! It has done so much in my own life right now!  I am glad of discovering  this now!

Find your happiness

In order to find your  happiness, focus  and think about the things that you love, which are in you, and concentrate on those things! This is where your happiness come from, the inward you, which is in your heart !When you focus on the things that you love, you will find your happiness!

 I  will say again that, " The things that you have a great love for and have great passions for in your heart , this is what defines your happiness!
For examples," Like if you love to travel, " Focus on different places that you will love to go!" If you love to watch football or soccer, " Focus and when the season starts, get to a the nearest television!"  If you love to write," Focus on the things that you love to write about in order to be a blessing to lives of other people!" If you have a love and a passion for outdoors and hunting, " Focus and get a vision of your self in the outdoors and hunting!"  If you have  a love and passion for music," Focus and put your self in the vision of the music you love to create!"  If you love watching a person speak, " put yourself in the position of getting that person's tapes, or dvd, and listening to them!"  If love to have romance in a relationship, " Focus and image what it will be like, and be specific to the universe what you want in that relationship!"  If you love to have a close friend, " Focus on what it will be like, and be specific to the universe of what you want in that relationship!" If you love to workout, " Focus yourself and visualize your self workout, and go find at gym to go workout at!"This is where the fun begins at!

Ever since doing this, I have found myself more happier when I contrentrate on the things that I love and have great passion about! 

I really hoped that this has helped! I hope to hear your comments!

Until the next blog, have a great evening

Copyright(C) Tyler J.Logan
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