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Monday, June 6, 2011

Why am I going through this tough situation

This post is for every person  who might be going through a tough trial! Most of  us have asked questions about why are we going through a particular situation! Sometimes, we want a deliverance from the trial or situation very bad until it doesn't make any sense!

As for most of us, we have heard of the phrase or religiously, when we get done passing one level, there is a new challenge and new devil right around the corner to try to get us off focus on the good things of life!  Usually,  this new challenge and new devil just shows up out of nowhere, which leads  to this question, " Why in the world am I going through this!? Where in the world did this unknown challenger come from!?Why am I in this situation?  It could be any different types of situations, which are unexplainable to give glimpses! 

Therefore, I want to give a glimpe one tough situation in order to cover the topic, and probably you can relate to it, just like me!

There might be one situation that  someone who gets on your nerves to the teeth, and you don't want to fool with that person at all, or a group of people!

Every time, that person  or group of people  come around the corner, " Oh my goodness! I have got to get away from this person at all costs! It's time to escape, I don't have time to fool with that person, or this group of people! That person is like hell on earth! This group of people are like hell on earth!"

 In the mist of their presence, you sometimes yell at that person, or say things to stop them from getting on your nerves- but still it doesn't help at all!  That person is still persistant!  You're  like, " Goodness Gracess of me! Get out of my presence for  goodness sake!  I surely don't like you!"

Let's answer this question!  Have you been in  situation where you could not get away from the person who got on your nerves? You had no choice, but to be quiet, try and ingore that person, but it still doesn't work at all! Or you speak out of anger and a low-tone voice, or probably cuss them out, but it still doesn't work!  After that period of time dealing with them, there are images like, I want to get a belt and beat this person down to the teeth! 

After it all, we say to ourselves, " That person might have won the battle, but he or she hasn't still won the war at all! I will ingore them more and he or she will get frustrasted! " At the same time, we are angry and hot like fire! 

Besides, I can relate to these type of situation because I know how most of you readers feel, we feel like "Why is this person so hard to deal with?" This person is like a night-mare on elm street!"

Let's look at a few possible answers

At the end, most of us start asking the question," Why I am in this situation!?"

Let's look at the reasons why!

1). Start saying and focusing  yourselves on!" The  solutions will come to my mind about this situation! When you focus on the purpose and solutions to the situation, then the answers will come all of a sudden!  Remember, what you focus on you will get!

2) Could it be that one has probably gave other people a hard or opressive time, but one is reaping what he or she has sowed to other people!  When one  give a person a hard time, he or she will get it back!

3) Depending on the situation, it could be to drive that very hidden mean atittude out of us in order to make a change in your thinking ,or to develop  great character in us!

 Now with number 3, I have been through this one so many times till it's pittful,  I am like, don't touch that button or don't try me, I am not playing!" I want to be honest with you, it's painful!

Final word

I really hope that this post helped you a lot!  I would love to hear your comments on this subject! What are your thoughts and opinions! Until the next blog! Have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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