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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A person who doesn't talk to you, doesn't mean he or she has the problem

Besides,  I want to let another side of my personality to my readers, which I like showing my sides to people  in order to be realistic!   I want to address and bring a lot of enlightment to the immature people who  think that there is something wrong with a person who doesn't talk to them!

 What do I mean by this!? It's  when an  individual  treats a person like crap, or  by saying downgrading words  and  to stab that person  in the back, or sereverly getting on a person's nerves on purpose for their enjoyment,but at the same time,that individual expects conversation out from that person! Whenever  the person doesn't talk to that indvidual due to their ways, some individuals get mad and throw a fit, and say, " how come you refuse to talk to me? You're not talkative! You don't like me!What your problem?! Do you hate me?!"

These are signs that particular person is very immature and someone who is two-faced! Two-faced people act this way, which they remind me of the villian from the cartoon Batman! They act one way, but they want to act another way!  In addition, these types of people can also be as the weather!  You don't know what you are going to get! A happy smiling sun-shine face, or a tornando of terror that tears and backstabbs every thing in it's path!

Why doesn't that person want to talk to me

Before going to this answer, I like to be real!When it's someone I don't like, I am not going to sit down, and have  a conservation with that indvidual! I don't care if it's an employee, or someone in my family, or someone else I know!

 Besides, what is the purpose of sitting down with a person whom you don't like, and chat with them? No purpose at all! If there was a purpose, that would indicate that I would be living a lie, and being a fake! That's acting as  the hypocritical role!

Now, let's talk business! The reason why a  person who doesn't like  an  individual and talk with him or her  it's probably because that individual has a bad attitude, and is smart alec! That person doesn't have time to be around an individual who act as a smart alec, and their atittude stinks because he or she doesn't want it rubbing offf on him or her! 

Another reason that person doesn't want to talk to you! It's because of imaturity! That person doesn't have time to for the two-faced mentality to rub off on them, this is why they get out off your presence quickly! That person doesn't have time for immature people because he or she doesn't want that presence of imaturity to jump on them!

However, a person who  doesn't like nor want to talk to an individual, it means that  he or she doesn't have time to be around their stinkin attitude , their  two-facedness,  their  immaturity, and  their drama! It's just as simple as that! It means that individual has a problem!!!!Not that person, but that indivdual has a problem! If that offends you, that means you need to examine yourself!

Final word

For those who have mindet of not talking to a person whom they like, I really give you cheers, because you are being honest and for real! That's the right attitude! Besides, I enjoy people like that because it's realness!

Until the next blog, have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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