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Sunday, June 19, 2011

How money can buy you happiness

At first, I was very hesistant to write on such a post because I didn't want to stir up any great arguments among people or self-help authors!  However, I  held this information for so long and didn't want to talk about this subject at all to other people!

In the long run, I finally came to a conclusion that there will always be some people  with the wrong beliefs and  negative mindset about money, and they are going to say what they want to say negativity!  And now at this point, I'm ready to take my crucifixion concerning this post because I don't want to hold back this information from readers who might want some answers and help so that they won't feel guilty -can money buy happiness or not?

This is a subject  is very common among our society, but it's the other way around! Money can't buy you happiness!  Most of you are very fimiliar with that certain subject that has been spoken by self-help authors or other people!

To get down to the answer why self-help authors or other  people say, " Well money doesn't make you happy?!" My answer to this statement in why do self-help authors or other people say this," The answer to that question is because they see a lot of people with a lot of money, but aren't happy in the long run! Those categories of people are millionaries, celebrities, or people who are making a net income of 100,000 dollars a year or more at a job, and even close to that!

Why aren't these people happy!? It's simply because they haven't woke up to their  calling and found their true passion in life!  The passion and calling in their inner-self haven't been discovered yet! So, the fields they're making a lot of money, it doesn't connect with their passion or calling, which leads to they aren't happy at all!

Let's get down to bussiness at the couple of things of  how can money buy  you happiness!

Number 1

 Look at the hidden treasure in your inward self, that hasn't been discovered that needs to be pulled out! In other words,one can look within oneself, and take look what do you enjoy and passionate about, what you are deeply passionate about inwardly, is your calling in life!

Number 2

After finding the the hidden treasure or more, Ask your self   the question, "is it something that you can go on years without stopping to do it, which does it create great excitement for me!?" Your passion and calling creates excitement, not to be a burden!

In order words, If you have a great passion and excitment either cooking for people, sprinting, writing, investing, music, teaching, creating inventions to benefit other peoples' lives, preaching, coaching, or having mlm, and much more!! When you discover your passion and calling, and then you decide that  you want to make money based on what you're passionate about, and then  the money will cause great happiness and excitement!

This is where true abundance flows at inwardly and outwardly! In other words, you're giving to others what's in you, and then it comes back to you! 

Stort statement:

To say this statement, some people haven't discovered their passion and calling, which they are in jobs where they are making a lot money, but they aren't happy there at all! In other words, they fuss and gripe that they don't want to be there at that job!

It's the same things with a lot of celebrities! They're making a lot of money because haven't discovered their passion or calling in what's in them, which is the inward- self ! But when they discover their passion and calling, happiness will follow, and then the money will create joy and happiness!

Final word

I really hope that this has helped somebody or blessed somebody! I would love to hear your comments on this topic! Tell me your thoughts! I believe that money can buy happiness if you are in your passion and calling!

Until the next blog! Have a great evening and day!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan

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