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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Foundation of All Abundance

Hello everyone, I have a very great post by Baker Jacinto who  is the blogger and founder  of, and he has written a guest post on here before and that I enjoyed his explainations concerning the law of attraction! Bascially, I asked for him to come back to do a guest post concerning the topic that is mentioned below! And later, there will be  a post of his book that I have read about Baker's Recipe for Sucess, and I will give my thoughts and my opinions on his book, which was very good!  Therefore, I ask you to read what Baker has to speak about abundance and lack!

                                             The Foundation for All Abundance
                                                           By: Baker Jacinto

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears”

-Anthony Robbins

When you chase after something desperately, you are coming from a place of lack. This happens to a majority of people. This is okay, this is what people do in their life. You want better relationships your first instinct is to chase after it. If you are seeing lack in money the first instinct is to chase after it. This is not wrong. It is just something we all humans first instinctively choose to do, because this is how we are conditioned to think. It’s survival mode. We choose to chase after that which we feel is lacking in our life.

Paradigm Shift

However, the paradigm shift that many people are starting to develop more awareness of, is this idea of acknowledging the good that already is in their lives. This paradigm shift is the foundation of all abundance. You see the truth is that the more you try hard to chase after that which you perceive you don’t have, the more you give your power away to not having that thing. Why is it that people who are working long hours at jobs they dislike, get a paycheck every 2 weeks, but don’t feel abundant?

They are getting paid a sum of money, but they don’t feel this abundance that I write about.

Abundance is Everywhere

The truth is that abundance is everywhere. There really is no lack in this world. When you look up in the sky, and see the stars there is a plenitude of it, there is not lack of it. The list goes on. When you come from your true essence and acknowledge how abundant the world really is, then you become more open to the abundance into flowing into your life. When you do this, when you appreciate and tap into gratitude, you will know and feel abundance. This is the secret to wealth, prosperity, great relationships, and anything else in your life. Because when you come from the place of accepting what is already there, you pull more towards you. Begin now to acknowledge the good you already have. Express your joy for what you have and you will live abundantly. I urge you to begin to focus on what is already there, not on what you think is missing. From this place of awareness, abundance continues to manifest. Abundance comes when you are acknowledging the good that is already in your life.
Author: Baker Jacinto

Baker's World Blog

Copyright(©) Baker Jacinto

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