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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why I recommend to shop at Dollar Tree in order to save money

I know most of the people are probably wondering the question," Why would I do an article post on such an topic"!? Probably, most of you might see this as "BORING"! 

Lately, I have been noticing in most big stores such as Walmart, or Kroger have been going up on their  a lot of their prices on different areas! As most of us have probably  notice, The prices of  Milk, Eggs, Meat, Soaps,Dedorant, Cereals, and cleaning products have been much higher than before !  The majority of us know why prices are rising up due to inflation!

In contrast, don't get me wrong, I might have been the only one noticing these types of prices going up these two stores! Now, I am not recommending anyone who is a customer of the stores  such as Walmart or Kroger  to be turned away by what I am saying, but to help those who want to save money in the area of most frozen foods, cleaning products, soap, dedorant,sandals, and etc!

Besides, I still go to Walmart or Kroger for Milk, Hamburger Meat, Steak Meat, Fruits, Clothes that I need, but when I see when Dollar Tree has those things, I will run  like a cheetah there! Even though I have been enjoying shopping at DollarTtree, I noticed that it's a way to help a person who desires to save more money, and not to be a high -priced spending freak!

Before I went to work last saturday evening, I was at  dollar tree to go load up on a lot of things, like cleaning products, canned foods,some frozen foods,dedorant, and etc!  I bought a lot of those things and I thought I spent over 50 dollars at Dollar Tree ! However, I was wrong when the cashier told me I had to pay 31 dollars, and  I was impressed! After I paid for those things, I felt strongly that it saved me a good deal of money!

  I didn't have to spend over 100 dollars  worth of money in  terms of most frozen foods, cleaning products, and dedorant at the other  two stores!

 Some of you might say or ask, " Was that your first time going to dollar?!"   No! I have been to dollar tree many of times!  I will be going just like that bunny with battery on it's back You will find a lot of things there that you can use, or things that you need!

Basically, I recommend  Dollar Tree  as a good way to save up money because you don't have to spend a whole lot of money, and whine about how much you have spend  on the percentage of  grocercies,and  cleaning products!

If you are trying to save money in your for savings  account for future goals, or wanting to use your money to donate to be a blessing to other people, or things that you are passionate about! Dollar Tree is the place!

I want to ask you! Where do you shop at in order to save money!? Where do you get your products, frozen foods at a lower price!? I would love to hear your comments on this!

Until the next blog! Have a great  and blessed evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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