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Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to get out of a relationship with a Gold Digger

  It's unlikely in our lives that most of us probably have meet a person who is a Gold Digger! This doesn't mind in the acts of dating or marriage! Sometimes, it  also can be up in a friendship! When we think Gold Digger -what comes in our minds!? That person is going after your money, or trying to get a hold of your bank account!

Basically, This doesn't  always necessary mean that a Gold Digger  is always  after your money, but they can go after your money!  Besides,there is another thing that Gold Diggers enjoy going after- it's personal information or something they want to know about you in order to gossip to other people!  This is what you call their high prize!  Gold Diggers can be very trifing when it comes to this area,

When Gold Diggers get certain information what they want out of you, they feel like they have grabbed the  10 K of Gold! They feel so excited, until they can't hide it  so that they  can go gossip to other people about another individual's personal information.

In contrast,  have you ever been with a person, you meet someone  who was nice and kind at first!?  After mouths into the relationship with  that person,  he or she  begins to turn  a leperchaun!   What do I mean by this? Leperchauns love  gold, and even the smell of gold, they go search for Gold!  In other words, they will do what they have to do in order to obtain the gold! That also means if they have to get other people out of their way!  They are like," Get me Gold"  

 Just like a leperchaun, that's the same mindet as a Gold Digger! They go after the same thing just to feed their greediness, that's all what matters the most to them! Even if it hurts other people in the long run, a Gold Digger don't give a hoot!! 

The  way of getting out of that type of relationship

Most of us sometimes think,- I wish  that I wouldn't meet this person at all!  I really fucked up by meeting this person! I wish I would have known what I knew about this person!? I didn't know that this person was a Gold Digger!"

However, there is a way out of those types of relationships!  You might feel, I can't get out of this friendship, date, or marriage with this Gold digger!? All things are possible!

I. Putting your foot down with a Gold Digger

  1. Give them financial lecture, and have them apply those teachings to make them think for themselves

The best thing to do to a Gold Digger who is after money, is that you can tell that person! I can give you a financial class on money and about the law of attraction, but I am not giving you a dime! This will teach you how you can do what I did, but you have to apply these teachings on your own! This will help you a lot! Besides, if you don't want apply these teachings with any action, then we can no longer be an a relationship! You have a choice, apply these principles to change your thinking, or leave! I am about people who are doers and thinkers! You are here to think how to earn money, not  to use me as your crutch!  Take it, or go find some one else!

Note: Be very serious with it, because Gold Diggers have a way of manipulating to try to make you come back! Gold Diggers will play like they have changed! Give them  3 years, and see if there have been a great changed!

2. Make them work for the money
Okay, you know I have a lot of money! I'am going to make you work for it! This is the way my grandparents or parents taught me,-you have to work for where you want to be! Or, You are out here to work for money, and not let me be cash flow all the time!   Now Hey, there is a lot of yard work that need to be done, or I have  a lot of things that need to be moved out, The grass needs to be cut!  Hey, let's go find a home-based bussiness, or a job for you!  You can take either options, if you don't want to, we cannot be an a relationship!

This one can get a Gold Digger away from you! This is the main way to get out of a relationship with a Gold Digger because they don't want to work!  A Gold digger don't want you when you make them work for money!

In simple terms, give them assignments to do!

3.   What if they don't want to pour into the relationship, but want your personal  information   

Simple, kick that person to the curve! Before kicking that person to the curve,  Tell that person, we cannot be an a relationship! From hence forth, you  cannot come back until you work and earn my trust  by sweat!  I am not going to make it very easy for you! I need to see action, I sick of you saying this and that, because action speaks louder than words! 

Don't fall for these things that a Gold Digger like to abuse you with! Would you like to have a Gold- Digger in a relationship, or someone who means bussiness!? 

 What do you think about Gold Diggers?  I would love to hear your opinions and comments about Gold diggers, and how to get out of a relationship with one! I really hope that this article helps those who are looking for an answer!

Until the next blog, have a great evening! 

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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