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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Give your money towards what your passions and things you enjoy

It's amazing how I done the last part about giving to what you are passionate about, and the things or people whom you  enjoy! I am so happy about this subject title because it really opened my eyes to the importance of giving towards your passions and enjoyments!

This  subject begins with another part, but it's going to in hands with money! It's a lot of mix up about giving money out there in this world! It's noticed that some people give money, and they still don't feel happy even when they have given it, which leads to anger, bitterness, and complaining!

Besides, why is this?  Let me ask you these two questions before answering the question! Have you ever noticed a person who gives money but they complain?  Or have you noticed people give money to someone who asks or begs  for it, and they give nicely, but at the end they're mad, angry,bitter, or have feelings of guilt, or complain  about it!? Or people don't feel happy while giving their money!  Why is this? It's because they  give into things that  they're not passionate about, or something they don't enjoy at all!

Basically, a person who gives to things or people whom they're not passionate about, they're giving grudingly! When a person gives joyfully to their passions, things that he or she likes and enjoys, or people whom he or she enjoys - he or she is a cheerful giver! In other words, that person gives out of excitement and not minding to give at all!

Let me take an two short examples! Now, if a person is passionate and enjoy watching the NFL, and their favorite team was the  New Orleans Saints ! They get excited when they see them on television, no matter if they win or lose, there is still an excitement about their program! However, they will make it their priority to give donations to that football booster club! It's because the  team is what they enjoy seeing!

Another example, if a person enjoys so much a speaker such as Esther Hicks! Or it could be a singer that you may enjoy!?Since that person has given so much into your life, and you enjoy that person so much! Why not give a donation to that person!?  When you give to a person whom you enjoy! Have you ever felt the excitment of giving to them!

I have! I don't regrett nor feel guilty about giving to a person whom I have enjoyed so much, or they have poured so much of their lectures,teachings into my life!

Besides, when you give the same excitement to people whom you enjoy! The same thing will return  in due season! That's where abundance  fills a person in their soul and spirit! The same excitement will come back when you give out of a cheerful heart to things that you enjoy!

Couple things to look out for

1).  Never give money  to something that you're not lead to give, even if it's big

     This is another thing I have a tolerance level at! I don't give to things that I am not lead to give at, or don't have a passion about! Especially when it comes to money!  I'm like this, don't beg me to give  money to something if I am not lead, or if I don't have a passion  to give it! I am addicted to giving to things that I am passionate about, things I enjoy, and  when I am lead to do it! This is what brings great joy!

Besides, when it comes to money! Some people might disagree with this due to what the atittudes of people whom they have been around! I strongly believe that a person- even if he or she  gives at a foundation or a church! If he or she  doesn't have a passion for it, or a strong enjoyment, or doesn't feel lead in their heart to give it! That person doesn't have any business giving to that foundation or that church! What is the point?

In contrast,don't give big, unless you strongly  feel in your heart and soul that it's supposed to be given!Besides, I have seen too many people get mad and bitter  giving money because they didn't give their money towards their passion, or something that they didn't enjoy, or if they weren't strongly nudged in their heart and soul about it!  Then too, they feel like that person who asked them for money was a crook, or they were lied to about the laws of giving! It also leads that person to have a very negative mentality about money!

What about a tight financial situation Tyler? Easy! Give low to what you are passionate about, and things, or people whom you enjoy! Be consistant with your giving of money to the things that you enjoy, and are passionate about! Begin committing yourself to give money to a person you deeply enjoy, or something you are passionate about-like at $5 dollars each week, or maybe $1.00, the you won't feel as much burden as giving big!

2)  Allow yourself to  focus giving your money to things that you enjoy!

     I want to ask you! What are the things that you enjoy! Is it a foundation that you enjoy! Is  it a church that you enjoy? Is it a sports team that you enjoy?! Is it every time a person speaks or sings, he or she excites you so much, until you cannot wait to see that person again!? Discover the things that you enjoy and like so much that you won't mind giving it, and  not expect so something back from that person, or that thing, because that's when you tap into the realm of true love for it! When you depend on the forces  of the universe, or God to bring it back to you, then it comes in greater measure and abundance- plus interest! This is the exciting part about this giving your money towards your passions!  

I really hope that you enjoy this! What are your beliefs about money!? How do you feel about giving money!? I would love to see your comments  about it, and let's talk about it!

Until the next blog! Have a great and blessed evening! 

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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