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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why you shouldn't trust a nosy person

Have you ever meet a very nosy person who is constantly trying to dabble into your business? And then,that person continues to ask you questions concerning your privacy, which is none of their business!

A nosy person can't help,but ask you question after question, which he or she wants to know every little piece of information about you! It's like that person is as a fisherman trying to catch some fish! When a fisherman gets one or more fish, that individual goes off the boat either to the house or somewhere to expose the fish or two! This is like a nosy person who dabbles in the private affairs of other individuals!

Besides, here is a lame excuse I hear a nosy person says all the time, " Well, I was just being curious!" HOGWASH LIE! They were seeking for information to go spread to other people! If they were so curious, don't you think they would have a very aroused interest towards a person!? If that person was curious, don't you think they would have pursed a relationship with that person? Not ask questions of privacy off the start! Now, if a person wants to ask privacy questions if he or she is already in a deep relationship with an individual- that's understandable! It's because one is curious, and wants to go more deeper in the relationship to cause a more aroused interest!

Whenever you have a person confess out of their own month that he or she is nosy! You need to watch that individual carefully! Some people will confess out of their mouth that they are very nosy! It's really a red flag! I don't care if it's a person who is in your family! Watch them!!!

Now here are justifications why you shouldn't trust a nosy person

Reason I.Reading papers of privacy without permission of the owner

A nosy person can come into your household and dabble into papers of privacy! To find private information about you! It's important to never allow a nosy person to be in your house while you ain't there! Sometimes, they are so bold, they will grab it, or either look the paper in your presence! And then, they will go spread that information to other people!

Reason II. A nosy person is very disrespectful and immature

For example, That person will pick of another telephone in the house to listen to another person's coversation! They don't say anything on the telephone!

In the mist of a coversation, that person will interrupt an individual's coversation just to hear what that he or she is saying! Rather than saying excuse me, or saying I don't mean to interrupt the conversation, they don't think about respecting the conversation of the individual!

Reason III. A nosy person will always ask questions of privacy forcing you to disclose information

A nosy person will ask questions as - who's car is that? What are the name of your brothers and sisters!? What is your birthday? How much money do you make all together!? Who is your family? Who is your mate? What is her name? What are you a membership of? What is the name of your uncles and aunts? What are your fantasies?

Now some people don't have a problem disclosing most of the information mentioned above, and most of it they do and vice versa! For example: Like me, I don't mind disclosing my birthday or the year I was born, but others don't like to share their birthday or the year that they were born because they feel that's privacy to them!

Now, I am not going to disclose my dislikes on here due to privacy purposes! If I did, some people would be asking me left and right just to stir mess up!

In the point I am making, we all have some things that we don't want to disclose! Other people disclose what other individuals hate to disclose!! Like when I said that I don't mind disclosing my birthday, but others don't!

We see that perfect example on facebook! Some people like to disclose their family listed as their uncle or brother or sisters, some people don't like to disclose that information! Just like our birthdays!

Reason IV. A nosy person is a backstabber

I find out that nosy people can stab you in the back! They find some information about you and then they will go twist it into something else! They can have a conversation with you at first, and probably smile at you during the conversation!

Then soon of a later, another indidividual out of some where- he or she will say, " I heard this about you!"

Final word

Always look out for folks who are very nosy and try to dabble into your privacy! They will tend to damage you any way possible! Nosy people always want ways to invade your privacy!

Then too, if a person is nosy and is offended by this article! I am not apologizing for what is spoken in this article!

Until the next blog! Have a great evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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