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Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to keep your mind from focusing on bills in a tight situation

It's been on my mind for a while to write on such a topic! Basically, A lot of people might have been going through a tight situation! they have probably endured the same situation in the past or present!

In contrast, the word "Bills" is an ugly word  that we don't like  at all! Especially me, but it's a responsibility  that we have to take care off either at the start  of the month, or end of the month, or on the deadline date!

Sometimes, those dates are really pushing our finances to the utter most limit! Most of them might be bill collectors or creditors who push the limit! For most of us, when a creditor or bill collector call, they can get on our nerves at first! Most of us have gotten angry and cuss them out,or get angry and tell them we are out of a job,or tell them that we don't have the money right now, or most of us didn't pick up the telephone at all because we don't want to deal with them!

After all the cussing and fussing at them, most of us realize that  it doesn't do any good because a new representative calls again! Most of us are like-" WTF"- and it makes us angry and mad all over again, and causes great fear!

Most of us have realized that bill collectors and creditors are after their money, and they're not going to stop until they have it! Or sometimes, that same bill will go up the month! Or sometimes, they will withdraw more money out of your bank account than they are supposed to!

It's very easy to get mad and negative! The reason why I speak that because I have in the past, which you can see from my post from last year that was called- "not letting bills kill my joy"- and you can see from that post of how I explained my on story of how I was being so negative, but had to make a change! Bills can be depressing and a joy killer, if we allow it to be!

Besides, bills can stress a person out! You might say," Well tyler, "this is going to be a lot of work on my mind!It's impossible to keep my mind to go into the right direction!"

It might seem like that at first! As you consistant about your focus, you mind will put into the positive direction! During the change process, negative thoughts will try and creep in your mind while working to get your mind in the positive direction! Believe me, negative thoughts have done it with me, but it's sometimes a fight to keep focus in the right direction! Basically, it's about  being focus on the positive about the situation!

However, I want to give you some tips that can help you keep your mind focused off bills!

Tip I.  Look at the bill one time

Some of you have looked at the overall balance of a bill more than 10 or 11 times that you owed on,which might take years to pay off! And the first thing we say, "How I am going to pay this!" When we give your focus or continue to look more than once at the bill, have you noticed it causes anger,stress,worry or depression! As one continues to  focus more on their bills, one is creating negative situations to cause more bills, depression,more worry into their lives!

Rather than looking at the overall balance, take a look one time of what you owe that month, and don't look at it again! But remember, be responsible and pay the each month's balance, and also keep up with the paperwork and recets for each month that you paid just in case they might acuse you of something! Every time, it comes through the mail,look at it once, and don't focus on the overall balance!

Note: If you don't enough money for that month to cover that bill for that month! Call and negoiate with them to make a payment arragements to be much lower and affordable to your income,and be honest with them! If they refuse to hear your negiotations! Ask a friend,or relative for money whom has the right attitude, and after they give it to you, appeciate them for it! In what I mean, have a plan to do something for them later on in order to show your appeciation!

Tip II. Focus on things that you're passionate about

This is the most important one! Focus on things that bring you passion and joy! Look deep inside and look within, ask yourself- what is your passion? What passion brings you so much joy!? What talent or ability that you have that can bless other people!? This is another to get your mind off of circumstances!

Tip III. Give Your Finances to organizations,foundations, sports clubs or people whom you enjoy and passionate about!

I haven't went into depth about this topic, but it's will be the next one that I will write about, which will be another part next week! Focus on giving your fiances to what you enjoy and love! The first thing a reader will say,"Are you out of your mind?!I have nothing to give" When I am talking about give during a tight situation, I'm not talking about a big amount of money, or giving some big offering!

If you give a big offering or give big, you will feel fear in a tight situation! Saying to yourself 24 miles an hour, "How is the money going to arrive" No! It's important to start small first! Focus on giving small first before working your way on up!

In order words, start focusing on a commitment to give a $1 or $2 each week to organizations or people whom you enjoy and very passionate about! Then when you focus on giving to what your passionate about, you will the joy within! If you feel confident, raise up your giving to how much you can feel giving! This is having an abundant mentality, and getting the focus of the bill!

But However, I will do an article post on this topic to help you understand more of where I am coming from!

IV. Focusing and forsee yourself that the loan, car note, or mortage has been paid off, which means forsee yourself that it's going to work out for your good!

This is another one! Forsee yourself that the loan, car note, mortage has been paid off! Forsee yourself that one of these has been paid! Forsee yourself celebrating that the bills is already been paid!

At the same time, don't forget your responsiblities of paying your monthly payments!

In the right time, there might be a solution that comes through your mind to pay that whole bill off! Or something out of the blue might happen as the thing was paid off in full! One or the other!

V. Don't listen to other negative people!

This is another one that I have! Don't listen to other people who are negative, and always talking about their bills are this and that! Do what you have to do to get away from them! Also don't listen to people who are naysayers! They will drench your focus off the positive things!

I really hope that this helps! I would love to hear your comments about this topic! I will comment back! Your comments will mean a lot to me so I can see what's on your mind!

Until the next blog! Have a blessed day and evening!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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