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Saturday, April 2, 2011

How to deal with a person whom you're uncomfortable being around

Special note: These are ways to help you deal with an uncomfortable person,it's not guaranteed that every one of these methods will add results, but it's give information to people who are having trouble dealing with an uncomfortable person! In every person's own way, he or she has their own way of dealing with an uncomfortable individual!

Hello everyone! I am back! This is an area that I believe every person has encountered in their lives- it's being around someone who makes you very uncomfortable!

All of us tend to have those types of people around! Or maybe, you have one person to deal with! Believe me, we do everything possible to get away from that person or two!

Usually, most of us have encountered a person who makes us extremely uncomfortable, we don't want that person to know when we're home, or when our days off are going to be! Or we will program in our cell phones and put- "Don't answer"- as that uncomfortable person's number!

In contrast, there have might been a time or two that person came to your house unannounced! You say in your mind, " Damnn! Dang it! Here that person comes and he or she didn't call!I don't want to be around that person!I have got to find a way and a quick lie so that I can get that person off my back!I have got to get rid of that person!"

There has probably been a time you're at a person's house and find out or discover that uncomfortable individual is coming to visit that person! You have tell that person, " Don't let that person know that I am here! I am sorry to shorten the visit, I have to go!"

Or maybe, you're at your own house and that person's number will show up on the answering maching or cell phone! You tell that a visitor or someone who is living at your house to answer the telephone or cell," Tell that person that I am out of town, and I don't know how long the vacation, and you have been entrusted to look over the house for a while!"In addition, most of us will say, "Tell that person I'm not here, and you don't know when I am coming back!"

In order words, simple tricks to get that uncomfortable person off your back because you don't want to be around him or her!"Believe me,I have done some of these myself, just as well as you!

What could be the reasons that we feel uncomfortable around that person or two? Sometimes,an uncomfortable person might ask certain questions that makes us feel not at ease with ourselves! Or sometimes, an uncomfortable person can raise hell and complain about piety stuff, which causes us to be uncomfortable around them! Or sometimes, an uncomfortable person can be a manipulator! Or maybe, An uncomfortable person can get on our everlasting nerves! Or maybe, it's something about the presence of that person that makes us very uncomfortable!Or usually, uncomfortable people can be extremely negative and complain all the time!

What ever the reason maybe, we've had our share of an uncomfortable person to deal with, or maybe more! So let's get started!

1). Fire back with silence, or speak these words " Be grateful about something!"

There might be a uncomfortable person who is a constant complainer and be extremely negative about this and that! Sometimes, it can be little piety stuff that person complains about!

When an uncomfortable person is being negative and a constant complainer, he or she wants you to complain also! Basically, when you're silent, most of them will get the point! You ask what is the point, either that person will go to another some one else to complain with him or her, or they will say in their mind, " This is not the time and place to do this! I need to shut-up! They are not budging or saying anything!" Silence is one weapon against complainers

Sometimes, silence won't work against a person whom you're uncomfortable with, which is a constant complainer!They just refuse to shut their mouths about simple stuff!

Whenever you're in that type of situation- tell that person," Okay now, You have find everything to complain about! It's doing nothing but making the situation much worse! Let's find the things out of that situation you can be grateful about, or other things to be grateful about! Learn how to be grateful!"

2). Attack that person with speaking to them, talk peace, and then walk away

Have you ever had a person whom you're extruncomfortable with, he or she can be always such a hell- raiser about everything!? That person comes creating and raising hell all the time! Speak to that person when he or she is raising hell at you, " I speak peace in this house! You are drama and drama will not dwell here! Quit creating drama, it's not doing any good but stress and diseases to dwell your body! Until you decide to stop sowing seeds of drama and rasing hell, I cannot be around you, until you decide to stop raising hell,then I will come around!Think about the seeds of hell you're sowing they will come back!"

3) Confront that uncomfortable person

Ever had an uncomfortable person in your presence! Tell them how their presence makes you uncomfortable, but it's important to use choose the words you're going to say so that he or she won't take it the wrong way! However, it's important to use wisdom before going into that type of situation!

If you feel that you need to bring someone else to confront that uncomfortable person- that's also fine! It can probably let your mind be at ease while confronting thatuncomfortable person!

4) Put your foot down and get mean( For a maniplator who makes you uncomfortable)

Have you had a constant uncomfortable person who was a manipulator! The best thing to do is to get mean with that person! They just don't understand the term "no" in the nice term! I don't know why, but that person just don't get it! Sometimes, you have to put your foot down and get very mean with a manipulator! In other words, you have to get under their skin a good bit to wake that person up! That's the main simple way! Just as long as you are being nice and kind with them, they will always manipulate and play games with you, and will get their way with you! Then, it makes you feel uncomfortable around them!

Let me say something- constant manipulators will not respect being nice to them you until you start putting your foot down and get mean! Manipulators won't see nor wake up to the kindness of a person, they wake up to a person who puts their foot down!

Final word

I really hope that this post help you! Until the next blog, have a blessed weekened!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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