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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being Greedy vs. Wanting More

This topic was  something that I have desiring to write about! Some people strongly believe that term greed is the same as wanting more!  Or vise versa, some people might believe that wanting more can mean being greedy!  Now, I'am not saying that some people might be right or wrong, but these terms can be used in different ways!In my opinion, I believe that being greedy and wanting more are two different things! I want to help those only who have been confused and felt guilty about the difference!

Being Greedy

 By being greedy, it's  a form of being a taker and not being a giver! Have you notice that very greedy people always drain others, but aren't bothered about the next person at all!?

In other words, they find ways manipulate and other ways to take from others, and not thinking about how many people whom they have hurt deeply on the way! A lot of times,  people who have a greedy mindset
 are not  aware that they drain life from other people!

Have you also noticed that a greedy person always breeds on taking life from other people?   Being greedy is considered to lose everything at the end!  This means when they drain and hurt others, it comes back on them- plus interest!

By being greedy might be defined by people as wanting more, but want more in order to suck more life out of people without thinking about how is this going to have an affect on the next person!

By being greedy, there  is always troubled situations! What I mean by this, their finances are always in big  trouble! Individuals don't want to sacrifice for them! It causes heavy burdens in one's life! It also causes people to not help them! It causes people not to be around you! People will stand against you!

By being greedy, it causes to be a constant cheating!  What does this mean? This justifies that they find ways to con and lie  to other people so that they can get what they want!  That's taking! Soon of a later, that person will discover that it was a scam, and then it hurts and affects that person!

For example, let's use the term food! There is 4 people who are in the house, and there 1 lemon pie and 6 pieces of chicken in the house!  The first person is named Johnnie,  the second person is named Susie, the third person is named Don, the other person is name Ella!

However,  Johnnie and Susie had went to  work in the afternoon, while Don and Ella remained at the house! Don and Ella were hungry, and they decided to eat the lemon pie,8 pieces of chicken, baked beans, which they didn't think about asking Johnnie and Susie about leaving some food over  for them before leaving the house! They quickly went to the refigerator and then warmed the chicken  and baked beans up! They  ate the 8 pieces of chicken, baked beans, and the lemon pie!  7 hours later,  Johnnie and Susie had their mouths set on the food!  About the time Johnnie and Susie arrived at the house,  they looked in the refigerator and found that the food was gone!  They were angry and very upset about the food!

The point in this short story is that Don and Ella had a greedy mentalty, they didn't have the courage to think if Johnny and Ella wanted some lemon pie, baked beans, and chicken, or they didn't ask Johnnie and Ella if  they want to leave some over for them! In other words, Don and Ella took and consumed rather than thinking about the other 2 people in their household!

Wanting More 

 There is nothing wrong with wanting more!  Some people might be upset that I have written this statement! Due to it's cause of confusion of being greedy, it's understandable! Besides,the term "wanting more" is consisted with having  a lot for oneself and one can also do things to enrich  or bless the lives of other people!  Or the  term " wanting more" is also consisted with having more so that I can do things, but not drain life from other people!!  In every human being, there is a thing of wanting more!

There is always a factor in wanting more! Some people want more so that they can do things to  bless other people, which they are passionate about! Or some  people want more knowledge so that they can apply that knowledge in their own life! Then too, some people would like to have more finances so that they can send their children to college!   Also, some people have the desire to want more finances  so that they can pay their way  for a college education ! 

Or some people want more finances so that they can  able pay bills and have a piece of mind, and their household don't have to worry or be stressed out! By me saying want more finances to pay bills, people obtain to get their money the honest and correct way without affecting and hurting  others! Some people want more knowledge so that they can give their knowledge away to be a blessing to other people!

However, if you desire to have more, and some people  might have called you being greedy! Don't listen to such trash! Just as long as you are not doing any thing to  affect or draining life out of  other people! If you have a blessing or a giving mindset, there will be  desire of having more because you want to do more things that you're passionate about!

Final word:

  I enjoyed writing this post because some people have felt guilty that they don't need to have more in life, or wanting more in life! This is due to the mindset of other people having against " wanting more"! However, I want to hear your thoughts on this!

Your comment on this blog does count, because it's greatly appreciated by me!

Until the next blog, have a blessed evening

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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