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Friday, March 18, 2011

Noticing the right or wrong intentions of a person being nice to you before going into a relationship

Special note: Hello everyone! I am back from a two week period vacation of resting, which I will do more often due to the work load from working two jobs! I knew that I need to take a break due to me being tired all the time and trying to work on the upcoming book! Some of you have noticed sponsorship, it will be a while before guildelines to sponsorship will be on this blog!

It has caught my attention lately that some people have right  or wrong intentions for being nice in order to form relationship, or other people!Just because every person who comes your way being nice you, it doesn't always mean that indvidual has the intention to form a close relationship with you! Either they come with a right intention, or a wrong intention to damage you emotionally!

 Not saying that there's any thing wrong with being developing relationships with other people, but one  needs to have correct intentions while developing a relationship with a person, or other meeting other people! If we don't  use the common sense, then that person has the right to drain, use, and abuse the friendship or relationship!  I want to help you notice the right or wrong intentions before you get into forming a close friendship, a date, or probably marriage!

I want to ask you a question! Have you ever been excited about a  date or a friendship at first! You didn't really  have a clue about that person!?  That person was very nice at the beginning!  As the months went on, they transformed into a green- eyed monster during the marriage, friendship, or date! 

In what I mean by the green- eyed monster , they were nice at first, but later on, they were mean, very nosy, rude, greedy,  a constant liar, a user,imature,always having a jealous attitude, always  draining you out, always calling and texting to use you, always told other people your bussiness, or just took advantage of you!  During those months, you probably had thoughts about- I really fucked up when I met this person! How did I met this person!? I never known that  person was like this!  I wish I have never met this person at all!  This is what I call the grean eyed monster people!

Short word to lonely people

Some people who are lonely will quickly jump on the band wagon to form a relationship with every person who comes their way! They don't realize  if they don't notice the wrong intentions, they will be in for a big surpise that they aren't pleased with!

 Always be careful before going into a relationship! There is nothing wrong with being watchful! Don't let these so-called people fool and decieve you that one must open-up or put your story out there to every person! Don't listen to such trash!! That's what got society messed up today, we put information out there before saying-can I trust this person!?

In contrast, lonely people or those who have been damaged from previous relationships! Here are some possible things that could help you notice the right or wrong intentions before the green eyed monster attacks you!

The wrong intentions

1. A person says, " I want to get to know you!"

A lot of people might not agree with this statement, or get offended! This statement is a great red flag!  A person might come being nice to you at first! They will say this statement, but  it really doesn't mean he or she is interested in you! Their actions or vibes will tell you that that person is interested in you! Actions speak louder than words! Don't let your emotions move you by that words of that statement!

 A lot of times, their meaning under the statement-" I want to get to you!"  Let's translate! Translation-  I want to get information out of you so that I can gossip to other people, it's because I know nothing about you!  You're quiet all the time! I want to get you to open up about your personal bussiness!

What you should ask yourself these things after  hearing that statement! Who are you?! Why are you here? What is your purpose of a relationship? Where do you come from? What is your intention?What are you doing here?

2. People who know that person got a lot of money

  Most people sometimes have the wrong intention for being nice to other because they know that a person has a lot of money! They want to be nice in order to form a relationship with that person just because he or she has a lot of money!  Most people have secret tatics in order to drain that person, which reminds of them being gold diggers!   Most of them want to be nice so that they can use them money-wise rather than thinking on their own of how to be rich themselves! They're  always asking for money without going the extra mile to be thankful that person did it for them!  Before they did have it, those same people are nowhere around!

What you should do if approached by a person who is like that?

1. I will do this one time, but let me teach you how to be rich!

2. I want to help you get a job in order to be on your way!

This will test the waters with them! It will decide if they are users or desiring to get rich themselves! I believe the best gift  to give a person is  teachings and education on how to change their thinking in order to be rich themselves!

3.  I will open up some, to make you think I want a relationship

Some people might get mad or offended, or maybe think I am wrong for saying this! Some people can play that game in a relationship! Some people will be nice at first and open up  to you so that they can get you to open up what they want to hear ! Most of you are saying? What are you talking about tyler? Most people who open up some, it doesn't mean they have deep interest in you! They come to damage your trust and have an objective to be nosy to gossip to others about your personal business!  Don't be fooled by non-sense!

How to test the person?

Tell that one  and only person one thing about yourself that you know it will grab their attention! Step back and see how far they will go with it! That will tell they had a wrong intention! You will know how far to go with them in a conversation! If they fail the test, don't fool with having a deep coversation with them!

3. Saying  I love you at the start of a relationship

This statement has been used in dating, friendship, and marraige! Some people have the wrong intentions while saying I love you at the beginning! Most people fall for that crap! A person who says I love you at the begining, it  should be a red flag to you!  At first, that person hasn't really gotten to know you that deeply into a relationship!Most people will say that statement in the beginning just to play games with your emotions so that they can be greedy, lie, and etc!

4. A smile

 There is nothing wrong with smiling, but don't do it for the wrong intentions! I am not saying " Don't smile"   A smile with a wrong intention, that's where a person doesn't have no bussiness smiling at an individual!  Some people will smile at a person to make them think that they are interested! All people who smile in your face, it doesn't always mean that they are interested in having a relationship with you, or your best interest at heart! A smile can mean different things!

1. I come to sweet talk you into doing something you don't want to do

2. I come to be nice at first, but I will slowly have you fall in my trap of draining you, using you, lying on you, or to get something out of you that I want to know!

3. I smile at you because I want to take something!

4. I smile at you because I am two-faced, but you won't be able to tell!

When most people smile and be nice at you, they can be some of  the most two-faced people! These are people whom you need to look out for before!  I discover that some of the most meanest, backstabbing, untrustworthy people are those who are smiling in your face! If you are offended by that, then  it proves that you need  huge checkup yourself!  

Don't be decieved by a person's  smile! A smile is beautiful, but sometimes has a deadly shot gun and a green eyed monster underneath ready to attack!

When a person comes approaching to form a relationship smiling at you, you need to ask- what is the objective!? What is their intentions?

5. Being nosy

This is another part that a lot of people will messed up for being curious! Nosy and curious aren't the same thing! Being nosy is that they are ease-dropping an  another person's affairs and going to spread their bussiness!They are nosy and nice, but asking uncomfortable questions at the same time! Being curious is when a person has a deep interest in you!

The right intentions

1. Their actions and vibes are speaking louder than words

This is the main thing that a person should look out for when a person has the right intentions! Their actions will tell you that they are interested and want  a relationship with you!

Here are the signs

1. That person continues to call you to talk

2.  That person wants to do things with you

3. That person shows excitement in your presence

4. That person has a deep respect for you

5. That person express their love by their actions

6. That person respects your privacy

7.  That person isn't a disappointment

2. To win that person's heart

The signs as above will show you that person wants to win your heart in a friendship, date, or a marriage! They will always do things outside the box to grab your best interest at heart!  They are always showing effort to pour themselves into you!  When a person have feelings for someone, they will do all that is possible to win their heart rather it's in friendship, dating or marriage!

3. That person will show vibes will tell you that they really want to be around you

 This is another right intention! Their presence will tell you if they    Go for it, show them by your actions that you want to get to know them, not by words! If you have a peace about that person, go for it in the relationship! Don't waste time because it takes work to form a relationship!

Final word

Don't be deceived by wrong intentions in a relationship! Sometimes, we do messed up get with the wrong person! Shake the dust off your feet and move on! I hope this is a help  to you! Thanks so much!

Until the next blog, have a great day!

Copyright(©) Tyler J.Logan
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