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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wake up people, notice the difference between fake friends and a true friend

This subject has been brought to my attention a whole lot! It's simply because a lot of people claim that they have friends, but they can't identify who are their fake friends! This is why the title of the post to people that they need to wake up quick to who is a fake friend and a real friend

What doesn't make sense at all,Why do most people do take advantage of the ones who treat them very well, but they always want to follow around the people who are backstabbers, very nosy,the takers in a relationship, don't want to pour into the friendship,doesn't give a dat-dumb about them,give doesn't care are,want them to fail, laugh at their goals, always listening to people who will fill their ears with lies in order to turn against the one who treats them well! This is not understandable at all!

I am not going to sugercoat this at all! This is all the people who enjoy taking advantage of every person who have been a good friend to them, I am here to say that you got a season coming! Don't think that all the wrong you did to that person, it won't come back to you and bite you in the ass!? Think again, because it will come and smack you in the face,plus interest!!

If you think that you are exempt, think again! You can get mad all you want to, but what you give, will come back to you! The laws of giving and recieving isn't a respecter of persons!

Besides, people who are very blind to take heed to know the difference! The same one really think those individuals are their friends, but in reality, they are fake! Here are some things that will help you realize who are a real friend or fake friends! Let's start on fake friends!

1.Fake friends will smile and talk to you in your face, saying to other people- that's my dog, that's my partner ! But behind closed doors, they will stab you in the back! They don't give a care in the world, how you felt after they have stabbed you in the back!

2. Fake friends are nosy and don't have any respect for you and your business!They will make an excuse to trick you," I was just curious!" That's not curious! They are out to get your bussiness out!

3. Fake friends will go to the naysayers and listen to their lies in order for your friendship to be broken, and they will feel like the naysayers are their true friends!

4. Fake friends won't make an effort to pour into the relationship, but they except you to always pour into them! In other words, they want to be a taker in the relationship!They want to drain you!

5. Fake friends want you to visit them, but they dont' want to do the same thing in return! Then too, if you have visited them, they don't want to talk or anything like that to have a good time, it becomes boring!

6. Fake friends cannot be trusted with your secrets or deep things about yourself, they will always spread your business in order to burn your trust! They don't care if you are damaged! They will play like and say - I promise not to tell your secrets, but in the long run, they spread their secrets to other people! In order words, they will abuse your trust!

7. Fake friends will only call you when they want to use you for their own personal gain! You don't hear any thing for months until that phone blows up so that they can use you for their own personal gain! They don't want no relationship or anything!

8 Fake friends will never return your phone calls unless they want to use you! Fake friends will make any effort to make any calls! Most of them will make an excuse, well, I just don't like talking on the phone with that person, I always want to see that individual in person! What makes you think if they don't want to talk to you on the phone, that they going to act the same way in person! No difference! That's hogwash bullshit!!! Wake up to reality people!!! They are playing a game with you!!

9. Fake friends cannot stand intimate friendships, or cannot stand for a person who treats them right,or someone who cares! Their vibes are- leave me alone! They are same people who like to be around folks who like to take advantage of others and think that's their friend!

10. Fake friends are a disapointment! Some of yall saying, where did that come from! A person in a relationship will disappoint you! That's a lie! If that person is a huge disappointment! That person is not your true friend, or isn't meant to be in your life! I will explain that in real friends!

How to recongize a true friend

1. A true friend is a person who doesn't disappoint you in the relationship! That person is individual who has impressed you a lot!That person is always looking for ways to make the relationship unique! In other words, that true friends doesn't bore you at all! A true friend is a person who you have fun being around!

2. A true friend can always be trusted with your secrets,and hidden things about yourself!

3 A true friend will always be excited around you, and willing to always talk to you!

4. A true friend always give you breathing room and space!

5. A true friend will never abuse the term sacrifice, which is they will never use you!

6. A true friend will call and will text you!

7. A true friend will always respect and highly value you!

8. A true friend is always be themselves around you!

9. A true friends will always be there for you through thick and thin!

10 A true friend will always believe in your talents and dreams, that person will always believe the best for you and your life! In other words, they don't show jealousy when you have acheived something!

11. A true friend is someone whom you cannot wait to get around because of them not being boring!

12 A true friend doesn't sugercoat, but they are understanding also! If you have a friend who doesn't sugercoat to look out for you! That's a true friend!

What is your opinions on this subject!? I would like to hear your response and would love your comments! What are your thoughts!? I know we had fake friends our lives! I have also!

Special update: I will be taking off from my blog for two weeks to concentrate on my book, and resting during those 2 weeks! There will be a great possiblity of a guest post from another writer soon!

Until the next blog! Have a great and blessed day! I will see you in two weeks!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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