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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am in love with this book, "The Laws of Thinking" a book review

             Hello everyone, I am in love with this book! It's  called, "The laws of Thinking" by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan!  Then too, there were a few questions on such things that the author spoke in his book, which brought my thinking to another level! I am not going to lie and sugercoat it at all!  However, I will mention this  book has  a lot of input with spirtually and christianity explaining the different laws mentioned in the book!  I could go on and on about this review,but I want to make this review about the book very simple and  easy to follow! To make this easy to read, I have mentioned a few strong key points, one of the particualar laws, and the statement that made me think at a whole new level!

As I was reading this book, I felt like the author was engaged in what he was explaining in the different types of laws mentioned! One of the laws that I really liked was the law of risk! This law is a lot of people fear of stepping out on faith and doing something new! This thing is that we will be reward whenever we take risk, which he mentioned there isn't any type of failure in risk unless a person has gave up ! It is also mentioned from a spiritual point of view that if  person of the christian who take risks, they are pleasing to God because they are stepping out on faith!  When we don't take a risk, we will never know what will come out to be!

Another aspect that was so powerful to me, while reading the book, I even put the quote up on facebook mouth or two ago! This statement or quote mentioned by Bernard Jordan, that ideas can create wealth, but slavery can destroy health! This statement I have to strongly agree with simply because it is discovered that a lot of people who are slavery to work, slavery to people, and slavery to not being themselves at all, slavery at being restless, which is not getting the proper sleep!!  This is how I discovered by that quote that slavery can destroy in these types of areas!

On the other hand, the ideas can create wealth! This part really stuck out to me! In other words, our ideas is a part of our creatity!  In what I believe the author was mentioning, the ideas of an individual must line up with the our given talents or abilities in order to bring value and joy to other people's life ! This probably could be in writing, comedy, singing, creating a business, selling, being a inventor, a genius, and much more!

Another point that was mentioned that when we must look out whom we hang around!  This key changing point, if a person is a disappointment, he or she isn't supposed to be in your life! In other words, that person isn't sent from God at all!  Jordan explains that it's our right to ask our selves the question, " Who are you? Where are you from? What are you here for? What is your objective in my life? Do you come to bring favor or misery in my life! Who are you sent from? What do you come here to do? Why do you want a relationship!"  In other words, we are supposed to have discernment and be on guard!

Also, The author says that those type of people  who are a disappointment, they will break you down mentality and emotionally! Jordan also speaks that people aren't supposed to be in our lives as a disappointment!  In addition, people are supposed to be  into your life  to bring you favor, joy, excitment,or to bring  valuable relationships!

One main statement  that is mentioned in the book, it caught my attention and rose my level to think at another level! It's not to offend a person, which if a person doesn't have the capacity to be open-minded, it can be that way!

There was  as statement  that Jordan mentions that" There is no evil!"  It's a statement to really think about where this author was coming from a stand point of view! Even though I didn't understand what he mentioned, but it made my thinking go to whole another level! Okay,  what makes him think that there is any evil at all!  To me, there must be some hidden mystery under that term in what I missed, but it's not to be offended at!

 Jordan talks about that your vibes carries a presence  about who you are! In other words, your presence speaks to other people! This can be different things! For example, Your presence can carry respect and they have to respect you! Your presence can carry maturity and people will see that you're a mature person! Your presence might be that you're mean, and people can see that you are a mean person!  Your presence might be rich or weathy, and other people will begin to see rich or wealth on your life Your presence is what causes other people to percieve who you are!
Last but least short statement, Jordan mentions, " I am"   That people should carry a mindset of  " I am"! In other words, one is using the power of intention!  This part about " I am" is what percieves to be what a person believe he or she is!

I could go on and on about this book! I loved this book so much, which some of the chapters I read over and over again because I liked it so much,then it also gave me certain things to think about at another level!  

Then too, if you are not of the christian faith, you might not see the points that it brings out, but if you begin to be open-minded, you will find it very interesting, and use some of the valuable points mentioned in the book!

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