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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Give to what you love and are passionate about,and stop being so negative about the message of giving

Hello everyone! Before I get into this subject,I am very inspired to do this post due to  the words that came out of a person, which I am not going to put the person's name on here becuase I believe that it's not called for! 

Besides,I will tell you that person's exact words, " Giving isn't the key to propserity and abundance!" This statement really had me say to myself in my mind, " Are you kiddlng me? Do you know the laws of sowing and reaping, and the laws of attraction?"  I am not suprised by  such a statement because many of people begin to think that way!

Mainly, when most people hears  an organization, charity, minister, and etc asking them to donate money, they think it's mainly about a person trying to get their money ,or that person is some type of crook or something!  This leads to a lot of  negative and toxic thinking about propserity and abudance! A  lot of people have a very negative mindset because of not being told the truth about giving! I am not saying that we shouldn't be careful whom a person gives into, but I am saying that a person should discover and examine what type of people, organizations, sports clubs booters, maybe schools that he or she  are deeply passionate about,enjoy, and can have a deep trust  and love for! In other  words, what would we like to see improved, changed, or prospered, or to put  happy face on a person, or in order to bring excitment and joy into a person's life!

 Not knowing that it leads a person produce a witholding mindset, and it blinds  a person to keep them focus on their own struggle and fears! It also really binds them from the purpose of being passionate to give into the organization, a person, or school, or maybe sport boosters that they truly can love and be passionate about! It  also really binds them from being passionate to give to an the organization, a person, or school, or maybe sport boosters that they truly can love, trust, obsessed and be passionate about!

It's very understandable why a person would attack the message about giving, or about the laws of sowing and reaping, it's because there isn't true  and sound teaching about this subject due to a lot of un realness and saturation  in this society! What do I mean about sound and true teaching, people aren't being taught to give into what they truely are passionate about, or what they truly trust, love, and enjoy!

Why so many aren't happy after they give

Have you ever heard of the person who complains or get angry when they give to a person, organization, church, sports booters!?   It causes that  person to give grudingly,  which causes a person to be mad and feel sick for days for giving!  Why is this? It's because they aren't passionate or don't have any  trust in  that person, or an organizaion, or church, and etc.

After most people gives grudingly, it leads them to have very toxic thinking because they aren't passionate about those things! Just like some people can say, I am passionate about family! Even though family asks about giving donation to help, but you still don't trust them at all, it's really giving grudingly, and not with a passion or something that you don't enjoy being around! Just like some common statement some people say, " That minister is out to take a person's money!" It indicates that they aren't passionate, or enjoy, or trust them at all, which leads if they did ,they would be angry and not be happy at all!

Another reason why most people aren't happy when they give because most of them expect fast results from the laws of sowing and reaping, which is giving so that I can recieve something back fast! It leads that person to be disappointed and  have very toxic thinking about giving in any area! This leads to a common statement most people would say, "This mess doesn't work, that person lied to me about giving and recieving, or about the laws of sowing and reaping!" It leads them to go back into fear and having a negative mindset about giving, or maybe giving money, and to have a taker mindset!

Then too when I hear this statement, " This mess about giving or the laws of sowing and reaping doesn't work! It's a fraud! I was decieved into giving!" I would like to say," Are you kidding me?" The laws of sowing  and reaping, or giving and receiving doesn't always produce results overnight!  I am sorry to say that to people out there! Sometimes, it may take months or probably years to see results!

Is giving really joyful

 First  I want to say, we  all are created to be givers in our own way! The main thing about  giving is joyful, but only when you enjoy, trust, and passionate about what you are giving into!  When you  are passionate about and enjoy  those organizations, person, or sports booters, that's when it a person becomes cheerful giver; it's  because they are passionate about those types of things in their life in what they donate into!This is where joy begins at, it's where our purpose on what we enjoy!  That's where  a person will feel abundant and passionate when they give to those things that they enjoy and are excited about!

When things that you're deeply  passionate about ,it  will produce  excitment and joy, then there where your abundance flows in just because you did something to put a smile on a person's face, or bring excitement to that person! When  a person gives into those things that they are passionate, enjoy, trust, and excited about, then the abundance will overflow! In what they gave out to the things that they are passionate about, it will come back to them with the same passion,excitment, trust, joy and also plus interest to them!

Giving is also joyful when you really feel strongly lead in your heart or mind to do something for another person!  When a person follows that strongly feeling in their mind or heart, it will produce joy to that other individual!  Some people will say to you after being strongly lead, " That was on my mind! Woow thank you so much!"

A Short word of advice for you

Never give into something that you are not passionate, not strongly trust, or don't have any excitment for, or if you aren't strongly lead to give! It's no use of giving something that you aren't passionate about! That where greed and not trusting to give to nobody will come into at, which will clog up your abudance and dry up every area in your life!

Besides,we have heard the statement, " Propserity and abundance isn't only about money, but it's an every area of your life rather it's knowledge, true friendships, clothes, thoughts, happiness, joy, love, health, mindset, atttude, faith!" In what you heard, it was true! All of these things are wealth and abundance, which it depends on what they give! When a person stops giving into their passions, that's where the clog and clutter, and toxic thinking begins at! In other words, a person dries up different areas of their lives, and it stops the universe to getting to you abudance,  it will produce unhappiness!

Like me, I  give what I have a passion and excited  about, or if I am strongly lead into my mind  or heart to do it! One of the main things I like giving is knowledge to people to on my blog and  my books to help out people that they can relate to or benefit from, or recommending a book I like that will help or they will enjoy! I have always recieved back abundance in that just because of giving it out!  when it comes back, it's  normally comes in diffferent ways such as, Unique revelations or ideas will pop up in my mind, or a person will come out the blue and  teach  or enlighten me on something, or it could be a person give me a book that is unique and knowledgable!  I don't claim to be the wisest person because there will always be people who know more than me, or know more on an area than I do!

Until the next blog! Have a great and blessed day!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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