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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stop faking in your friendship or with your Date : Be real in the relationship

Hello everyone! Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that everyone enjoyed thier new year, which I did myself! My college football team won their bowl game, which I was very pleased with that!

 Besides, This is a new year's topic was asked for  me to write on ! I am really excited about this post because it's something that people need help in society today!

Besides myself, I've  dated girls or had friendships that seemed to other people  there was closeness and true love there! In actually, it wasn't any closness, no type of great relationship, but just putting up a front towards people!

Some of you might ask, "What do you mean by that Tyler?"  This simplies that people can be on a date or have a friendship with another person and act like every thing is good with that relationship, but behind closed- doors, they're miserable with each other!

Then too, they tell other people  about their date or engaged fiance just to put up a show, " I am in love with them!" In actually, They don't have feelings for that person at all! However, they're really saying deeply in their hearts, " I don't want to be with this person! My love is not there for this person! I am so miserable with this person! I am not even in love with this person! "

In addition with dating, some people can fake so well in front of others that they really love that person! They sometimes tell an individual in these terms, "Well, this is my fiance! Every thing is going well with us!"  Then that individual will refer back say, " Both of you seems like there is a great relationship there! I am so jealous! I wish my relationship was like yours! It's sad that your date don't act like that!"

Or sometimes, two people can be together and a person approaches them saying, " Yall look like a good couple! That look like that's your mate! I don't never see both you breaking up every soon!You're my sister-in-law, or you're my brother -in- law!" 

Some family members  wanted them to be a part of the family, but some people still continue to be in a relationship with that person just because of some family like that individual!  They don't want to break up with that person  due to what family will think!

In contrast, dates like to tell their boyfriend or girlfriend, " I am in love with you, or I love you!" At the same time, their actions contradict their words! Their actions can reveal to a person rather or not he  or she wants a relationship!

 My question is -  why would  a person tell a date  I love you, but there's is no spice or committment in the relationship!? To me, That's to put up fun and games in front of other people acting like they're a married couple, but they're not at all! That's what most dates will do act like a married couple rather than building up trust and love in their relationship so that it can lead to marriage!

My words to say to the audience is, "Quit faking around with your date!" This should not be played around with picking roses "He loves me! He loves me not! She loves me! She loves me not!"  Rather you don't or you do! It's as simple as that!

Please! For crying out loud, shut that mess up in a date, "He loves me! He loves me not!" Rather you love each other or don't! Quit playing that game!  If both of you  keep on with that game, it's only going to cause misery and unhappiness! Then too, both of you are deceving each other!

Besides, If you don't love your date or don't enjoy the so-called you have! Don't sugercoat that you don't love or ! It's like a person told me, "What is the purpose of trying to sugercoat in a relationship?" This is a statement, which does make sense!

 This is the same for friendship, " They will say," That's my best friend! I really like and enjoy being around them! In actually, " They think of that person as an acquantance, but really cannot talk to that person, or can't talk with that person! They can't trust that person at all! "

In this subject, people can say that they have a lot of friends, but out of all of them - how many do you find that they have a close bond or deep connection with a lot of their friends!? Rarely to none! Some of them who say," These are my friends, or this is my friend!" They are really looking for a true friendship, and someone to connect with!

 Sometimes with people, they can speak and brag an individual is their  best- friend, but behind closed doors! There is no type of uniqueness, bond, or connection there! If there's any uniquess or trust in a friendship, " Why become friends at all?"  Don't fake it, make that person as your acquantance!  Simple as that!

Short story to tell

I remember when I was in high school! I was playing football around the time! There was a fellow football team mate of mine asked me the question," Is that person your friend?" I told him, "No! That's an acquantance!"  That same person listened to me and told me, " I was disappointed by what you spoke!"  I told him, " Why should I beat around the bush and sugercoat it! I can't  qualify you a great friend!" Sometimes, telling the truth hurts, but as long as you're not lying to yourself and that person!

The importance of being real in a relationship

When you are real, it's brings a deeper trust in a relationship! It also forms a great bond between the two- indivdauls!  The bond will be so great  until it's will be hard to break!  If you are real with a person, they will begin to trust you more! When you show uniqueness in your relationship, it develops a great of for both individuals!  This will lead a person to tell a person anything! They don't have to have their guard up with each other, they can be free to be themselves!

Final word

Be real in your relationship! If a relationship is not real, and it's causing you misery and unhappiness! Make it right and break it off! This could be in a friendship or in dating! Being for real builds your credibility with that person!

I would like to hear from your comments on this subject, which you can  comment below at "Post a comment ! What do you think about being for real in relationships? What do you think about fakness in relationship? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject! I will repond back when you comment on this subject!

Until the next blog, Be safe! Have a great evening!

Copyright (©) Tyler J.Logan
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